Women Solidarity Emerges with the Release of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the latest Warner Bros. movie starring Gal Gadot as the title role, and Chris Pine with his swoon-worthy baby blue eyes. This is the first big-budget movies focusing on a female comic book character in more than a decade, and it is directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins. Due to this, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, a chain based in Austin, Tex. decided to celebrate the girl-power of Wonder Woman  by hosting five women-only screenings of the movie in Austin and New York. They joke, and say when they say “no boys allowed”, they mean it — all of the staff throughout the cinema will only be women too!

Some are calling this event “sexist”, while others are praising the theater for celebrating girl-power. The resulting comment from the Alamo Drafthouse was “We’re big fans of special viewings and have done veterans and active military screenings many, many times. We will absolutely continue in the future.” Additionally, some locations are donating proceeds from these women-only screenings to local women’s charities. If you want to get in on this action, we suggest you check out Alamo Drafthouse and cross your fingers there are still tickets, the screenings have been selling out!

Wonder Women is releasing into theaters this Thursday, and the good news is that many critics are saying that not only is it one of the best superhero origin movies ever, it might also be one of the best superhero movies ever. Some comments note that the movie is reminiscent of class action movies, like “Superman” and “Indiana Jones”. Those are two of our favorites here at OVGuide, so sign us up to go see the movie! There was a lot of pressure riding on this movie due to the plethora of superhero movies that are continuously released throughout the year nowadays, its nice to see one not only meet expectations, but for some to exceed them.

Seriously, watch the trailer below, and tell us you don’t get goosebumps by the end of it.


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