Will this be Katherine Heigl’s Comeback

FX isn’t the only network pumping out new shows, CBS just premiered a new legal drama last night. The show is called Doubt, and stars Katherine Heigl. I’m not sure if you all can recall this, but years ago Heigl was basically the face of blockbuster romantic comedies. She delivered back-to-back hits including Knocked Up, 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth, and then later Life As We Know It.

This was right around the time she departed hit show Grey’s Anatomy, not on the best of terms. Following some bad rumors circulating about her being “difficult” to work with, she was no longer featured in some hit movies and shows. Now, her show Doubt is premiering on CBS and this likely could be her comeback she’s been waiting for.

Her show Doubt is a legal drama centered around Sadie Ellis, a lawyer at a boutique law firm. Of course as with any of these legal dramas we see today, her cases are exceptionally difficult and unique and she’s got a tricky personal backstory too. What else is exciting about this show? Well, her supporting cast is of the highest caliber including Laverne Cox from Orange is the New Black, and Dule Hill from The West Wing and Psych. If you’re a fan of Katherine Heigl and have been missing her presence on screen lately, then this is a need-to-see show for you.

Check out the trailer below! What do you think? Is this the hit show that could spark Heigl’s comeback!?


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