Why We Love Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’

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*Warning this blog contains spoilers*


If you haven’t read Jay Asher‘s best selling 2007 novel Thirteen Reasons Why, then you probably had no idea what Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why‘ had in store for you. A 288 paged novel adapted into 13 episodes leaves a lot of room for a series to either become a success or failure. The series is a lot to take in as it taps into the life of 17-year old Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), which in return taps into the lives of her peers. In her junior year of high school Hannah killed herself, but before she dies she made a set of cassette tapes explaining 13 reasons for her suicide.

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In the tapes she blames 13 people for her death and arranged for the tapes to be sent to each of them. She requires that one rule must be followed: each person has to listen to the whole set, and then pass the tapes along to the next person on the list. As the series progresses one by one, the tapes are listened to by everyone and each reason stings a bit harder than the last.

Although the tapes are very hard to listen to, they affect Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) the most, because he can’t imagine what he could have done to cause her death. Clay, thought that he out all people shouldn’t have been included on the tapes. The series keeps the attention of it’s audience by bringing on so many emotions as it constantly switches points of views and timelines. As the series mostly hangs onto the two perspectives of Hannah and Clay, it digs into the guilty consciences of the other 12 people on the tapes. From betrayal to rape, these tapes describes many scenarios that play out the soundtrack of Hannah Baker’s life.


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A Few Reasons Why We Think It’s A Good Series

  • It allows for people to reflect on how they treat others –  In the world we live in today many people go about there days and don’t understand how their actions affects other. A way to stop this cycle is to set aside some time to self reflect. The series brings to light how most people do things and don’t understand how it could possibly affect others. In many instances people that were mentioned on the tape say “Hannah is lying, it didn’t happen like that” or “I don’t remember it happening like that”. This is because they look at the world only from their point of view very selfishly without regard of how their words or actions may affect others.
  • Opens up dialogue about being more aware of suicide, bullying,  mental health, sexuality and rape culture – Some may say that this series glorifies Teenage Suicide, but we believe that the series brings to light that suicide, bullying and rape are topics that we should be well informed on. Instead of acting like these things aren’t happening, the series is a gateway for viewers to start important but touchy discussions with their peers.
  • The Cast – Katherine Langford, Dylan Minnette, Miles Heizer, Derek Luke, Kate Walsh – Amazing, just amazing performances.
  • Shows 2 Sides of Suicide – The series shows not only the person who commits suicide but expands on the people who are left behind. Sometimes in our darkest moments people may think that no one would care if they just disappeared, but in reality suicide affects families, friends, teachers and even strangers. This series reminds us that every life is important, and the best gift that life gives you is being alive!
  • A good dose of suspense – This series is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Tape after tape viewers are wondering what’s the next reason why?
  • Binge Watch Worthy – I mean who doesn’t want to spend their entire Sunday watching all 13 episodes?

The number 1 question on our minds is “Will there be a Season 2”?

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If you have not yet watched 13 Reason Why, Check out the trailer below. If you like it go stream it ASAP on Netflix.



Happy Watching 🙂


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