Welcome, President Kirkman

The 2016 Presidential Debate happened last night and I think we’re all still unsure who will be president, but on Wednesdays we all know to report to President Kirkman. Forewarning for those who have not seen Episode 1 of Designated Survivor, this blog does contain spoilers.


The show starts abruptly with Kiefer Sutherland, AKA Tom Kirkman, watching the State of the Union message with his wife outside of the capitol, when out of nowhere their TV footage of the event blacks out. It’s safe to assume at this point, it’s not because D.C. forgot to pay their electrical bill, but something much greater has happened. Immediately, chaos floods the scene and Kirkman and his wife are frisked and ordered to give up their blackberry phones and any other governmental devices they may have.  Clearly, something catastrophic has just happened. Kirkman, as any typical protagonist, runs to the window and looks to see that the capital has indeed been bombed.  The question now, who is still alive?

We then hop back in time with Tom Kirkman to see the previous fifteen hours leading up to the explosion of the capital.  As his day played out for him, we find out that 1.) his son is into electronic music and not babysitting, 2.) Kirkman can not cook to save his life or his family’s, and 3.) he is being fired from his job, where Kirkman responds, “are you serious, was the chairman of the international house of pancakes unavailable?” Nice burn Kirkman, nice burn. Fast forward to that night where Kirkman tells his wife the news. Mrs. Kirkman is not very happy to find out that she could be potentially giving up her D.C. life to move to Montreal and Tom decides he can be the commuter type. Then, with impeccable timing, his phone rings asking Kirkman if he wants to be the “Designated Survivor.”

For those who don’t know what a designated survivor is, it is an individual appointed to be the presidential successor in the event that something happens to the President and the Vice President. AKA this show.

The next chain of events moves very fast, as there is no time to stop and digest what has really just happened. Better yet, it is hard to even fathom that the capital blowing up is even possible. We see Mr. and Mrs. Kirkman in the back seat of a SUV driving to the White House when we find out, “Eagle is down” a long with congress and the rest of the cabinet. Cue stomach drop for Kirkman as he finds out he is now the President of the United States. Kirkman is then ushered into the White House, sworn in as president and then thrown into the deep end of decision making. Instead, he runs off to throw up in the bathroom and has every TV show’s classic bathroom stall conversation with another member of the White House. Here we find out how Kirkman’s stall mate really feels about him. In good fashion though, Kirkman gives a good dose of reality and has this gentleman officially write his address on taking on Presidency. Slow clap for Kirkman.

Next step for Kirkman, who we clearly understand at this point went to Cornell, is to be briefed on the “nuclear football.” We all laugh with Kirkman because he has no idea what he’s doing– but would you really know what to do? Something clicks for Kirkman and takes authority over the General and tells everyone basically, my way or the highway in regards to responding to the attack.

Post commercial break, we see the President in his first meeting as President with the Ambassador of Iran and he tells it straight. There is no messing around as long as he is in the Oval Office. Let’s just say that Mr. Ambassador did not expect this kind of meeting with the new Commander in  Chief. On another note, we find out from the FBI, that if someone is attacking they aren’t going to own up to their attack until they are “officially finished” with their project. Uh oh. More explosions? We go back to the Oval Office and see Kirkman finally in something other than his Cornell sweatshirt as he is going live on TV for the first time as President of the United States.

Definitely more interesting than last nights debate. Tomorrow episode 2 airs on abc and you can watch it later on OVGuide. Stay tuned for more updates of the show and long live, Kirkman!


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