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Emilia Clarke does a spectacular job in Game of Thrones, but since we’re all stuck watching reruns of last season’s show until spring, you might want to get your Emilia Clarke fix with a few other movies starring the actress. And if you missed her in Terminator Genisys, be sure to make it a point to watch her in another spectacular role, even if you’re not a terminator fan.

Emilia Clarke was born in Berkshire, England on October 26, 1986 and discovered a love for theater at the age of three when she visited a set with her father, who worked as theater sound engineer.

Emilia Clarke

In terminator Genisys, not only did they do a great job of casting an actress that could be Linda Hamilton’s offspring, Clarke did an excellent job of recreating Sarah Conner’s intensity on screen. Check out these two images side by side:


Conner 1 Conner 2


Clarke’s ability to play a well-known character convincingly is a true testament to her talent. Check out Terminator Genisys if you haven’t already.



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