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Watch American Sniper Online

American Sniper Spoilers

American Sniper is based on the book American Sniper by Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice chronicling the life of Navy Seal Sniper Chris Kyle. The movie takes you through Kyle’s decision to join the Navy, his Sniper training, and his deployment to the Middle East following 9/11. But unlike other war/military movies, director Clint Eastwood provides an inside look into how war and deployment affect military families as we watch Kyle and his family adjust to to the various stages of his military career.

Before watching, I knew Chris Kyle dies somewhere in the movie, and kept watching for him to take an enemy bullet or be taken down during a firefight. But it never happens. Chris Kyle makes it home to wife and children and seemed to be on the path to his Happily Ever After. His volunteer work with wounded veterans was inspiring and seemed to be exactly what he needed to heal from his own experiences.

But like most bright blazes of hope and inspiration, his life was ended way too soon. One of the veterans Chris was helping recover shot and killed him. The end of the movie shows the immense outpouring of support from the community during his memorial service in Texas.

It’s also worth the time to watch the interviews with the cast in the extended version, as we see the amazing physical transformation of actor Bradley Cooper into Chris Kyle.




Bradley Cooper
Actor Bradley Cooper in GQ Magazine.



Comparison of Chris Kyle and Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle courtesy of
Comparison of Chris Kyle and Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle courtesy of



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