Tribute to Brittany Murphy on Her Birthday

E!Online has published a touching tribute to actress Brittany Murphy on her birthday. The access died in 2009 at the age of 32 and appeared in popular movies like Clueless and 8 Mile. She initiated her own acting career at the age of five by introducing herself to Burt Reynolds and George Segal in a New Jersey restaurant and informing them she would one day be a big star.

But Brittany’s real life drama played out like a cliff-hanger movie script as well. Her father, Angelo Bertolotti was born into the Mafia. After Brittany’s death, it was made public that she¬†witness in the case of the former Department of Homeland Security employee Julia Davis and had been subject to helicopter surveillance and harassment. When she died suddenly in her home, the cause was listed as pneumonia and anemia and no formal autopsy was performed. Five months later, her husband was found dead in their home of the same causes. Infuriated by what he claimed was a coverup for their murder, Murphy’s father hired an independent lab to test for poisons in Murphy’s body. “Abnormally high levels of heavy metals and poisons were discovered in Brittany’s hair, tested by two other independent forensic labs with famed Pathologist, attorney Cyril Wecht concluded from the appearances, Brittany could have been murdered and should be exhumed.” The civil case is ongoing.

Much like a movie script, Brittany’s life and death were spectacular and shrouded in mystery. Her family is fighting for justice in what they claim to be a double homicide.


Brittany Murphy Movies to Remember

Clueless 1995


Drop Dead Gorgeous 1999

Drop Dead

Girl, Interrupted 1999

Girl INterupted

Sidewalks of New York 2001

SIDEWALKS OF NEW YORK, Brittany Murphy, 2001

Don’t Say a Word 2001

dont say a word

Just Married 2003

Just Married

Uptown Girls 2003


8 Mile 2003

8 mile


Sin City 2005

sin city


Happy Feet 2006

Happy Feet

Something Wicked 2011



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