Johnny Depp to investigate Tupac and Notorious BIG murders in film adapation Labyrinth






Even after death Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG (Christopher Wallace) remain Hip-Hop royalty, but one thing is for sure fans still don’t know who is responsible for their deaths. In 1996 Tupac was murdered in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, and 6 months later Biggie was murdered in Los Angeles. The eerie part about it all is that these rappers had a public east coast vs. west coast rap rivalry which led to their downfall. Still 20 years later, their murder investigations are unsolved, and that’s where Johnny Depp comes in dressed in full Sleepy Hollow attire.




Wouldn’t that be great? Well those bifocals would definitely help find some clues that may be undetectable to the human eye. Still, Johnny Depp has taken the role to play former LAPD detective Russell Poole in a film adaption of the 2002 true-crime book LAbyrinth. The book was written by journalist Randall Sullivan and followed Poole’s controversial theories about the unsolved murders of both rappers.

Poole believed that Death Row Records’ Suge Knight staged the shooting of Tupac and later worked with an LAPD officer to kill Biggie in revenge of Tupac’s death. Poole died of an heart attack last year and committed his life to solve the murders of the two hip hop royalties.

In the words of Biggie If you don’t know now you know! His life will not be forgotten and legacy will live on through Johnny Depp in the film Labyrinth. The film production starts next year and will be directed by Brad Furman known for The Lincoln Lawyer.



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