Top Horror Movies: Just in Time for Halloween

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It’s something about the Halloween Season that makes even the most sensitive people want to watch horror movies. Warning! Our list of Free Horror Movies isn’t for the faint-hearted, these movies are sure to scare your pants off!

Top 10 Horror Movies

1. Ominous
A super natural thriller inspired by actual events. When the Callahans set off for a peaceful family vacation in the mountains they never expected their personal demons to follow them. The children discover a paranormal presence in the secluded cabin and two generations of secrets are revealed, forever changing the lives of the living as well as the dead.

2. Blood Widow
Blood Widow Laurie and Hugh are a successful young couple who have just closed on a weekend home away from the city. Unbeknownst to them, the neighboring property contains the crumbling remains of a boarding school that was shuttered in the wake of an unspeakable massacre. The sole survivor of that massacre still resides in the ruins of the school, hiding from the world and wanting only to be left alone. When Laurie and Hugh’s friends explore the property, they have no idea that they disturbed an emotionally-broken killer: The Blood Widow.

3. Kill Game

Kill Game
“Five years after a high school prank gone horribly wrong, a group of good looking, shallow, and at times cruel pranksters find themselves on the wrong end of the joke.”

4. Dark House
 Dark House When Nick Disanto learns that his father is not only alive but can possibly reveal the origin of his son’s dark gift, he sets out on a trip that takes him to an abandoned mansion he thought only existed in his childhood imagination.

5. Happy Camp
Image result Nestled within the vast wilderness of the Klamath National Forest, the tiny mountain town of HAPPY CAMP is notorious for its staggeringly high number of missing persons cases. In 1987, nine-year-old Michael Tanner was adopted by a couple and brought to live there with their son, Dean. When Dean was abducted from the family’s home in 1987, Michael was the only witness—but had no recollection of the crime. Twenty years later, Michael and his girlfriend return to investigate what happened to his brother—and have the experience documented by a film crew.
6. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Ichabod Crane, a Yankee wanderer, arrives in Sleepy Hollow and becomes the new schoolmaster. He meets Katrina Van Tassel, and blissfully fantasizes about how can marry her, ultimately, inherit her father’s rich estate

7. Demon
FBI Special Agent Nicole Diaz is sent to the town of Oro Negro to solve several bizarre murders. At first, it’s thought the killings are random acts committed by smugglers or drug dealers until the Tribal Ranger realizes the bodies have been drained of blood and suspects it is something more.

8. Delivery: The Beast Within

A couple agree to document their first pregnancy for a reality show, but shortly after production begins, the mother begins to suspect that her baby is possessed by an evil entity.

9. Spirit in the Woods
Spirit in the Woods The fate of five local college students who went missing in the infamous Spiritual Woods is finally unraveled as previously unreleased footage is made public for the first time. Long thought to be dead, the truth turns out to be much worse.
10. The Family

The Family Poster
Lights, Camera, Murder! In this dark and gritty thriller, a sleazy family of “filmmakers” are in the midst of shooting their latest lurid masterpiece—but tensions begin to run high when deadline pressures and artistic differences cause this epic cinematic project to degenerate into a snuff film. The carnal massacre is full of kinky twists and turns, but one thing is bloody clear: It’s hard for kinfolk to stick together when murder runs in their veins


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