Top 10 Free New Movie Releases

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OVGuide has plenty of new free full length movies available to watch right now. For your viewing pleasure, we have put together a list of our Top 10 New Releases. This list includes movies of different genres including action, horror, thriller, drama and family. Since you’ve worked so hard throughout the week, we have made it easy for you to decide which movies to watch throughout the weekend.

Top 10 Free New Movie Releases

Silent Retreat 

 Six members of a media company go on a weekend business retreat at an isolated lodge in the woods. Silent Retreat (2016) is a Horror, Mystery and Thriller feature film.

Hunting Season
Two FBI agents track down a missing person’s case which leads them to a group of stock brokers who hunt people for sport.

The Silver Goat
THE SILVER GOAT made history as the first film in the world created exclusively for iPad. Lydia is an actress and daughter of a world renowned playwright, who has decided to leave the acting world behind. Then she begins to develop a relationship with an ambitious american playwright living in London who gradually coerces her back onto the stage.
Dead Retribution
Two FBI agents track down a missing person’s case which leads them to a group of stock brokers who hunt people for sport.


Deadly Sanctuary

When city girl Kendall O’Dell moves to the isolated desert community of Castle Valley, she discovers that small towns hide the biggest secrets.

Brother’s Day
Chris feels the Manchester’s underworld of crime has taken his brother Ryan away from his side. When everything goes wrong with Ryan’s latest deal, Chris will have to learn by himself that the decisions his brother made for him are not as easy as he thought.

Diamond Ruff
Orphan, con artist, crime boss, millionaire, Diamond Ruff has seen it all. Seemingly in control, his next big job has deadly consequences.
Mythica: A Quest For Heroes
Indentured servant Marek dreams of becoming a wizard. When she meets Teela, a priestess in need of help, Marek escapes her master, puts together a team of adventurers and embarks upon an epic quest to free Teela’s sister from a vicious ogre.


The Last Outlaw
Banks are being robbed and people are being murdered in the down of Dead Eyes and the outlaw being blamed for the crimes is Johnny Ringo. When the real Johnny Ringo gets word of the atrocities being committed in his name, he teams up with legendary lawman
A Long Way Off
Jacob is tired of living on the family farm and submitting to his father’s rules. One day he demands an early inheritance from his dad, who shockingly agrees to give it to him. So Jake heads to the big city to do things his way, without restraint. For a while, he does surprisingly well. He takes huge business risks and converts his small fortune into a big fortune, despite indulging in an extremely flamboyant lifestyle.

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