Top 10 Free Movies to Watch this Weekend!


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This weekend check out some of our Top Free Movies. All 10 of the featured movies are a mix of different genres,
from drama to comedy. Whatever mood you are in one of our free movies below will feel relatable. Check them out below

Top 10 Free Movies

Snow on Tha Bluff 
Snow on tha Bluff
Curtis Snow, an Atlanta robber and crack dealer, stole a camera from some college kids in a dope deal. The footage he captured with his new possession depicts the grittiness of his real life on the harsh city streets where anything goes.
Super High Me
While smoking marijuana for 30 days, comedian Doug Benson endures IQ and psychic evaluationswhich provide unexpected results. Meanwhile he performs across the country and hangs with fellow comedians.
The Expelled

Trapped by a mysterious hooded gang, a group of teachers and students finds itself locked inside a high school after hours, forced to defend against murderous vigilantes.
The Great Fight 
Bodies are piling up, and Manhattan police detectives Joseph and Michael are faced with a series of ritualistic murders. The detectives believe the killer is basing his crimes on the belief that there are 36 righteous individuals in every generation.
The Ganzfeld Haunting
Set out to prove that thoughts can be transmitted psychically, a group of students unearth a series of murders from their youth. As ghosts from the past become increasingly violent, they must solve a 20-year-old crime before they are driven insane.
This Revolution
A photojournalist is torn between success and ethics. At the same time, a woman is fighting for a political cause but gets pulled into chaos of violence.
Sherry, a young ex-con with a history of drug abuse and emotional turmoil, finds herself struggling against all odds. She tries to reconnect with her estranged five-year-old daughter while trying to readjust to the outside world.
Rising Stars 
Rising Stars explores sacrifices that come with fame in a television-obsessed culture. Challenged with creating songs and music videos, three musical acts find their futures on the line when the competition gets fierce and broadcast to the nation.
One Last Dance

A renowned New York dance company is on the brink of collapse. After leaving the dance world for good, Travis , Chrissa and Max are pulled in to resurrect the dance that shattered their careers. They have one last chance to save the company.

Nature’s Grave
Peter and Marcia take a camping trip that quickly turns a fight for their marriage into a horrific battle for their lives. They unknowingly stumble onto an untouched beach that doesn’t take kindly to human intruders.

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