Top 10 Free Action Movies Streaming Right Now

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OVGuide has made a list of our Best Action Movies Streaming right now for you to enjoy! These jam packed action movies will have you on the edge of your seat all weekend. Check them out below.

Top 10 Free Action Movies

Hollow Point

Hollow Point
Livingston is trying to gather the Russians, Chinese and Italian gangsters into one group with big amounts of money and power. FBI agent Susan and DEA agent Max are trying to stop them.
Magma Volcanic Disaster
Magma: Volcanic Disaster Aspiring author Robert organizes a quick getaway with his wife and daughter designed to rebuild their estranged relationship. But when a powerful storm hits, they are forced to make a crash landing on Bear Island.
Elite Squad Enemy Within

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within
After a prison riot, former-Captain Nascimento, now a high ranking security officer in Rio de Janeiro, is swept into a bloody political dispute that involves government officials and paramilitary groups.
Terminal Rush
Terminal Rush An Army Ranger framed for a crime he didn’t commit and discharged from the corps is relegating to a life of disgraceful anonymity. Things change when terrorists seize the Hoover Dam and threaten to blow it up if their demands are not met and he is the only man skilled enough to stop them.
Styx One of the worlds best safe crackers, Nelson decides to retire from his life of crime and go straight. However, when his brother is targeted after going into debt with an organized crime ring, Nelson finds himself pulled back into the life he left behind for one last big job.
.357: 6 Bullets For Revenge
.357: 6 Bullets For Revenge On her wedding night, Jade wakes up holding the hand of her dead husband after she narrowly survived a murder attempt by the criminal family she fled from only weeks before. Over the next year, Hammer trains her to be a methodical assassin and on her wedding anniversary each member of the family will pay for their sins as she hunts them down with six bullets marked for revenge.
Kickboxer 5- Redemption
Redemption: Kickboxer 5 Kickbox champion Matt Reeves witnesses the murder of his friend Johnny. When he investigates, it appears there is a new kickbox association responsible for Johnny’s death. Matt is on his own but suddenly finds an unexpected ally to help him bring down the association.
In Hell
In Hell When Kyle LeBlanc is prosecuted for killing the man who murdered his wife, he is sent to the most notoriously violent prison in Eastern Europe, where brutality is an understatement. Guards force the prisoners into death matches for their own personal profit.

500 years ago, the Fujiwara clan summoned the war demon Kodeni from Hell to destroy its enemies. But the clan paid the price with a deadly curse. A descendent of the clan, inspector Fujimara is investigating a murder, while doing so he learns the truth: the demon is about to be reborn.

The Guilty
The Guilty Defense lawyer Callum Crane has the perfect life, with a successful career and a beautiful family. That image is shattered when after a night of binge drinking, Crane sexually assaults his secretary and she threatens to go public. To save his reputation, Crane hires a hit man.

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