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1. If you loved American Sniper, we’ll bet you’ll love Sniper Legacy, a straight to video action film released in 2014.
watch Sniper Legacy Online Sniper: Legacy is a 2014 direct-to-video action film and the fifth installment in the Sniper film series. It was preceded by Sniper, Sniper 2, Sniper 3 and Sniper: Reloaded.
2. Or check out Cop Dog for family film night
Watch Cop Dog Online Cop Dog is a 2008 adventure family film written by Steven Palmer Peterson and directed by John Murlowski.
3. For a little romance, try The Knot
Watch the Knot Online The Knot is a 2012 Romantic Comedy film written by Noel Clarke, Davie Fairbanks, Geoff Carino and directed by Jesse Lawrence.
4. Or if you’re in the mood for a little sci-fi, watch Curse of the Dragon
Watch Curse of the Dragon Online A brave knight returns to his homeland to find a powerful dragon terrorizing his village. After many unsuccessful attempts to defeat the monster, he makes a sword which has magical powers. Equipped with a deadly weapon, he embarks on a journey to destroy the dragon and save his homeland.


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