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The highly anticipated new season of Stranger Things will return Halloween 2017 on Netflix. Season 1 left fans with many questions, but two of the biggest mysteries are focused around main characters Will and Eleven. During the last episode Will pretends to be healthy and alive around his parents and family, but in secret something may be harboring inside of his body. Fans can make this assumption because at the end of Season 1 finale Will coughs up a black and bloody slug like creature. Yet fans still don’t know exactly what is going on with Will, but it is pretty strange to say the least.
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The disappearance of Eleven brought tears to the eyes of many, because we did not want to see Eleven say goodbye. Eleven was presented as a very complex character, but grew in the hearts of many Stranger Things fans. Please Season 2, bring back Eleven we promise to give her unlimited Eggos.Image result for eleven eggos gifs

Hopefully Season 2 will answer our questions, and maybe bring another mystery to the table?

Take a look at the Stranger Things Season 2 Teaser below




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