Split Review (Spoilers)

This past weekend I had the chance to indulge in the new movie Split, directed by, M. Night Shyamalan. Split brought in $40 million at it’s opening box office weekend, beating Return of Xander Cage which only brought in $20 million.  The movie was a good thriller and even had some dark humor at times, but alas, it still doesn’t beat Shyamalan’s infamous, The Sixth Sense.

Shymalan did a great job directing a movie and putting it out during one of the hardest times of the year. January, the time that most companies put out their “not as great” films.  Despite the odds of January, it did fairly well. The movie stars, actors James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy.  McAvoy’s character, Kevin/Dennis/Barry, etc. is a man that went through a tragic incident as a kid, and now copes with the help of his 23 personalities. His condition is otherwise known as, D.I.D.  Rating this movie, I would give it a B.  It had a lot of great elements, but due to the time constraint of the movie, I feel as if there was more of the story that could have been told.

For instance, it is known that Kevin has 23 characters, with one that was developing during the course of the movie, but unfortunately the movie only expanded on about four or five of them. I understand it might be difficult to keep the audience’s attention if Kevin was frequently switching between 23 different characters, but the hype of the movie was about a man with 23 different personalities.

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Anya Taylor-Joy played the other main role, Casey, one of the girls that is abducted by Kevin.  Her character is very complex and reserved at the same time.  We later find out it is because her uncle used to rape her when she was a young girl.  The complexity of her character makes the other two girls look very dull and sometimes frustrating to even watch.  The movie is “split” into two stories, the current with Kevin and the girls, and then flashbacks of Casey’s past when she was a child.  Shymalan did not hesitate in showing how terrible Casey’s childhood was with her dad’s passing and her uncle’s abuse, which explains why her character is so complex and slow to develop. Casey, is the only one of the girls who seems to be level headed during the situation.  She figures out how to tap into the mind of some of Kevin’s vast personalities and communicate with them. Despite the lack of characters that were seen, it was fun to see the juxtaposition of all the different personalities, plus it was remarkable how well McAvoy was at playing each character.

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The ending of the movie, has a fun little surprise that I won’t ruin, but other than that, the ending could have had more thought behind it.  It was interesting how we find out the girls are stuck underground at the Philly Zoo, but being a M. Night Shyamalan movie, I expected a mind blowing twist. It ended up being more of a PSA for those who have “broken” pasts, which is something that is never out of style to talk about, but I can’t say this was his best movie.  It was highly entertaining, but maybe more time would have helped the movie.  Did you see the movie? Did you love it or hate it? Tell me what you think! If you haven’t seen it check out the trailer below!


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