SOS, Westworld Just Blew My Mind!

To all who have been keeping up with HBO’s newest TV show, Westworld, we can all agree that last night was the moment we have all been waiting for.  To recap for those who haven’t watched Westworld before, here’s a brief rundown on what you’ve been missing, spoilers included.


Westworld is a theme park filled with androids that portray extremely life like qualities.  People from all over the world come to this park to experience the magic of the wild, wild, west and the creations of Ford and Arnold.  Ford and Arnold are the mad men behind the whole idea of Westworld, but unfortunately due to a cause of death we don’t know about (yet), Arnold is no longer in the picture. Throughout the course of nine episodes there are some extremely significant characters, Dolores, who is characterized as the sweet southern belle living at home with her parents. Her beau Teddy, who in the first couple episodes is returning back to Sweetwater where he runs into Delores. At the local parlor, we are introduced to two more pivotal characters, Maeve and Clementine.  Both characters are, lack of a better word, prostitutes, but have very important roles in the development of the show. We also have characters that are not hosts. There is the Man in Black, who we aren’t quite sure is? I’d like to take a stab that it’s actually another character from a different time, William.  William comes to Westworld when it first opened up with a friend and soon to be brother-in-law. The two get caught up in the drama of Westworld where they find themselves  in the middle of a war and numerous fights a long the way. During all this time William, aka Man in Black, has found time to fall in love with Delores, despite knowing she is not a real human. In addition, with have Bernard, one of the employees at Westworld, a long with Charlotte, Theresa, Elsie and many other workers. All which play an extremely pivotal part in telling the story of Westworld.


One of the main theories that has since been revealed is that the story is told on two different timelines, but there’s a possibility for more.  If it is true that William is the Man in Black, that would add to that theory, by showing him at different points in his life throughout the park. In addition, many of the hosts have been “recycled” and used as different characters.  One for example, Maeve’s previously life was a simpler one. She was a mom with a daughter living in a farm house, but due to an unfortunate event where her daughter is killed, she becomes Maeve the prostitute. On the subject of Maeve, she is an interesting character to talk more about. During numerous examinations and diagnostic runs Maeve has awoken to see the outside world of Westworld, where she has come to the understanding she is not a human.  With that being said, Maeve’s character has flourished as she is taking matters into her own hands and recreating her character completely to better equip herself for when she escapes Westworld.


Stepping back a little and focusing on the theories, another is that Bernard is in fact Arnold.  Spoiler! He is, but also, he isn’t. It turns out that Arnold died and Ford decided to replicated Arnold and name him Bernard.  So, if you’re now asking yourself, “I thought Bernard was a human!” Well rest assured, many thought that too, but here’s how we can prove it before Ford revealed it. In the very beginning Ford shows a photograph to Bernard of “three” individuals, but of course we look at the photo in the perspective of Bernard.  The photo only reveals Ford, his father, and a very awkward space to the right side of the photo, where another individual would be. We know the individual next to Ford is his father because we visited a cabin on uncharted territory to the hosts where Ford keeps a house full of androids that are imitations of his family, one being his father. When Theresa and Bernard end up at the house later down the line there is a door that appears that we had not seen before, why? The first time we had seen the house it was in the perspective of Bernard, now it is in the perspective of Theresa.  Bernard was created to not see the door. Once Theresa and Bernard go through the door they find an additional lab where Ford works on androids. Amongst all the tools and mock ups for new androids, we find a mock up of Bernard. Thus, concluding Bernard is an android, but why? Because, as we found out in this episode he is a replication of Arnold.

Lastly, we find out a major detail.  It has yet to be confirmed by any other characters or story lines, but none the less, we find out that Delores is the one that kills Arnold. Is your mind running with questions and completely and utterly exhausted? Good, exactly what Westworld wanted.  Just remember though, this is only season one, many, many, many more theories are yet to come. Don’t miss the finale, this upcoming Sunday, December 4th.

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