Season 7 May Be Our Last Season of Scandal

Yesterday, Variety reported that hit show “Scandal” may be ending after the upcoming season 7. Although this isn’t entirely official just yet, so hold out your hope still Scandal fans! ABC is expected to announce the ended at next week’s upfront presentation when the network sets its new fall schedules for the 2017-18 broadcast season.

The premise of the show for those of you who haven’t taken the time to watch it yet is as follows. Scandal stars the beloved, formidable, and wonderful Olivia Pope, Kerry Washington, with her skilled and devoted “gladiators”. In a nutshell, Pope and her gladiators are called OPA, and the OPA group helps clean up scandalous messes for the rich and famous. They also happen to have very close ties with the White House. Cough, awkward because Pope actually has her very own scandal brewing with the White House where she is having a love affair with the very married, very famous President of the United States. From there, the plot just continues to thicken throughout the seasons. Imagine love triangles, secret lovers, undercover spies, murder …. the list just goes on.

Meanwhile, there are a million and one fan theories brewing about the ending of the series. Many are hoping that Olivia and Pope finally drop everything, leave to Vermont, and make jam. They’ve been back-and-forth for a while now, but lets be honest — fate has destined Olitz to end up together from the start. Still, many feel this may be just too cliche for a Shondaland show. The number of theories are multiplying by the hour. Our advice, don’t buy the crazy sauce people and start being careful with what you read online!

We don’t have a season 7 trailer to tease you with just yet, but make sure you check out the series on Netflix and fully prepare for the season ahead. We’ll be crying while drinking our wine for the last season with Olivia!


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