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If you’re trying to lose a few pounds before fitting into your new little black dress do not, I repeat “do not” try The Santa Clarita Diet! Unless of course you love to eat human flesh, then this diet will be perfect for you, but not so much for your dress. Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet has been causing quite the hype, and that’s well warranted because it stars the beautiful and hilarious Drew Barrymore. Throughout the 11 episodes it will be astonishing, funny and a tad bit scary to watch her zombie transformation.


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Barrymore stars in the Netflix Original alongside Timothy Oyphant to play married couple Sheila and Joel. The couple lives a normal life as real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California until Sheila turns into a zombie. Sheila must learn how to survive as a Zombie Wife/Mother by sneaking to kill humans to devour to satisfy her new Zombie appetite. Luckily, Joel takes his “to death due us part” vow seriously and helps Sheila through her dramatic change. All diets are quite dramatic right?


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The Santa Clarita Diet premieres February 3, on Netflix but until then check out the trailer below





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