Paramore’s New Single “Hard Times” Announces They’re Back

In light of the start of music festival season, check out your Instagram feed if you don’t know what I’m talking about (tell me you’re not seeing Coachella pics on there, I dare you), we wanted to share with you Paramore’s new hit single Hard Times. After all, we want to help you impress all of your friends with your current music knowledge.

Paramore’s previous singles were centered around very catchy guitar riffs. This song has a really fun┬ábeat to it using bongos and marimbas, that just makes you want to bob your head along with her and say ‘yeah, hard times’. It also has a nostalgic 80’s vibe to it, that allow you reminisce about crazy hair and scrunchies. This single announces the release of her new album After Laughter. We’re holding our breath while we wait to see just what the album will be like!

In the meantime, rock out to some of their best oldies below!


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