New 2017 “Dune” Adaptation with Denis Villeneuve Is Something to Be Excited For

Denis Villeneuve, director of Sicario and Arrival, is set to direct this new adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic novel Dune. The novel is about the machinations surrounding a desert planet which supplies the universe’s most valuable commodity. The movie will focus on the noble families vying for control of the few valuable resources on their planet. Eric Roth, Oscar winner for his Forrest Gump screenplay is set to write the new adaptation. With these names signed on for the reboot, looks like we can get a little bit excited about this.

In further news, we also learned that Legendary Entertainment picked up the rights to the Dune franchise. So, if this adaptation goes well, we could likely be seeing quite a few more movies in a series. This is not the first adaptation of the series. David Lynch, Twin Peaks creator, created the 1984 theatrical movie. Later on, the SciFi channel adapted the book as a miniseries. Check out some of the older trailers for the movies below.

We’re certainly looking forward to what Villeneuve will bring us when the time comes.


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