Netflix & Marvel Team Up to Create “The Defenders”

In case you haven’t noticed, with the New Year Netflix has brought out a whole new boat load of shows to satisfy all of us binge-watchers. (THANK YOU!) Big news today is that Marvel ¬†has relaunched their campaign to make “The Defenders”, this time with Netflix. The Defenders is yet another group of superheroes comprised of: Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil. I hope you recognize these names because there are separate Netflix shows already out about each individual superhero!! Luke Cage, Jessica Jones & Daredevil are already on Netflix ready to stream, and Iron Fist is set to premiere on Netflix March 17, 2017.


Word on the street is that when this show hits Netflix, it’s going to be unlike those normal Netflix shows we’re used to. Since each of these street-superheroes already has their own shows, you can expect for many of the supporting characters in them to go in and out of “The Defenders”.


All we know for know is that this show is going to hit Netflix in 2017 at some point, so in the mean time we suggest you spend some quality time watching the other shows for background knowledge. Trust me, you’ll thank us for this later.

Take a look at all four trailers below! Its hard choice which superhero to start with, they all look so good!


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