Netflix Dumps Bloodline

Three seasons and Bloodline is officially out! This past Wednesday, Netflix’s Vice President of original content, Cindy Holland made a heartbreaking statement to the press that Bloodline would be ending. Cue the waterworks.


“Bloodline’ season three will be the show’s final season,” Holland announced to the press as our hearts broke into a million pieces.  This is big news in the Netflix community. Major, to be more exact.  Only two other times in Netflix history has this happened, and now Bloodline is receiving the axe.  Who are the other Netflix Original exes? Do you remember Lilyhammer and Hemlock Grove? Well, that would be them and they’re now introducing Bloodline to the “Netflix Exes” club in May 2017. The Hollywood Reporter, who was first to report on the breakup, mentioned that it may be due to money and as it turns out, Bloodline is not a cheap date.  Bloodline is currently filmed in the Florida Keys, which creates the amazing, dramatic, beach-y environment and culture of the show. Unfortunately for Bloodline, Florida has officially ended tax incentives for entertainment projects that take place in Florida. AKA Bloodline can’t bat its eyelashes for a discount anymore, and Florida isn’t sorry.  In addition to issues with Florida taxes, Sony Pictures Television and Netflix seem to be dealing with some relationship issues themselves .  This resulted in Netflix reducing their, what was going to be thirteen episode season, to now ten episodes for the final season.  Despite all the broken hearts around the world, it has been said from the beginning that the creators of the show, Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman, created Bloodline with the intentions of five or six seasons. What does this mean? KZK basically wants a long term relationship with Netflix and we’re hoping they don’t give up on that.  In the meantime, while you anticipate the reveal of the third season, you can rewatch season one and two of Bloodline with your Netflix account on OVGuide.


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