Movies with (Basically) the Same Plots

You know how some movies are so predictable you’d swear there was some sort of cookie-cutter script robot churning out Hollywood hits? Well here are 18 movies with shockingly similar plots to make you want to search for other doppleganger body snatchers in your movie collection.


1. No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits

What starts out as just friendly sex ends up turning into something more. This is sort of the fairy tale for adults plot, since the exact opposite is more likely to happen in real life.


No Strings Attached


2. White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen


These both start with someone wanting to take over the White House by force and end with lots of CGI explosions and general ass-kickery.

White House Down


3. Beauty and the Beast and Shrek


Beautiful girl falls in love with a smelly, foul-mannered beast but loves him anyway. Sound a lot like most happily married couples in real life. (Just kidding honey, you’re not that smelly.)

Beauty and the Beast


4. Thor and The Prince of Egypt


This two share a theme: brothers suck. Other than that, they don’t really have much in common.




5. Antz and A Bug’s Life


An ant must do battle to save his colony/people. Not to throw out any spoilers, but the ant always triumphs. Haven’t you read Aesop’s Fables?



6. Avatar and Pocahontas


Mean, greedy white folks try to take native lands by force, and make a mess in the process. Plus, theres the whole forbidden love thing. Classic.


7. Jumanji and Zathura


These two are so similar they are melded together in my memory. All I remember is board games and lots of action scenes where the house gets destroyed and kids are in peril, but it’s all good in the end.



8. Cars and Doc Hollywood


I was surprised to realize this one, as I didn’t recall seeing Doc Hollywood until I looked it up. They even have some of the same scenes. Go figure.

9. El Dorado and Rio Bravo


A gun-slinging dude battles the bad guy to save his friend. Basically, John Wayne saves the day in his usual nonchalant bad-ass way.

El Dorado


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