Life hacks from Disney Movies You’ll Love

Disney movies are usually instant classics, and are often the subject of must scrutiny. Buzzfeed has released a list of 40 Lifehacks from Disney Movies, and we found some of them to be quite hilarious. Take a look.

1. Don’t have a pillow? Use your buddy’s butt


2. Can’t afford to see the doctor? Let your dog nurse you back to health.


3. Let your pets or forrest friends break in your new shoes for you.


4. Dogs makes excellent match makers.

5. Even when you’re dirt poor and can’t afford to get your hair did, a fork will fix you right up.

6. People who are serious about their wine won’t let a lack of clean glasses stop them.

7. Starfish apparently are the bra of choice to keep your nipples moisturized at the beach.

8. Stop doing lawn care to grow your own el-cheapo-home-security.

9. Got an itch? Any rock will do.

10. Peanut butter keeps dog occupied for hours.

11. If your new place has a less-than-desirable view, you can just make the best of it.

12. Why waste time washing dishes when you can hire some cats or a neighborhood fawn?


Read the full list at Buzzfeed.


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