‘La La Land’ Duo Ryan Gosling – Damien Chazelle Team Up for ‘First Man’ Biopic

October 12, 2018 is the date set by Universal for the Neil Armstrong biopic First Man to be released to theaters. The movie will be based on book First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong with Ryan Gosling depicted as Armstrong. It will be based on the years 1961-1969 during Armstrong’s experience in the space program at NASA. The movie although, is intended to be more about NASA’s mission and the landing on the moon, than about Armstrong himself. It’s aim is to explore the sacrifices and the cost on both Armstrong and the nation as a whole to make Apollo 11 a success.

The movie will be directed by La La Land success Damien Chazelle, and written by Spotlight co-writer Josh Singer. Singer, just won an Oscar for his work on the film, and will be sure to provide Gosling with a lot of material to work with in the writing. Gosling will be a solid lead-man, even without his side-lady Emma Stone. The decade-long endeavor to put a man on the moon is one of the most dangerous missions in America’s history. We’re looking forward to seeing the team’s depiction of the event.


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