Ka-Chow! In a Flash, Lightning McQueen is Back in Cars 3

Disney is done teasing us with little snippets, and have released a full trailer of Cars 3 today. WOO-HOO! June 16, 2017 Cars 3 will be pulling into theaters across the country. The second sequel shows in the teaser trailer below that the former champion, McQueen is struggling to keep up with modern racers. The plot of Cars 3 is about McQueen enlisting the help of Cruz Ramirez to remind the new generation of racers, just how formidable he can be.

This third movie is said to be a much deeper and emotional journey, similarly to the first movie of the series. It explores McQueens feelings and memory about Doc Hudson. It will be interesting to see how McQueen inhabits the role of a seasoned veteran, and if he will portray himself similarly to his old mentor.

Check out the trailer below! Do you think Lightning McQueen can go the distance? We DO!


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