Iwan Rheon to Star as Maximus the Mad in New ABC Drama

Word on the street is that Iwan Rheon, that guy we all loved to hate on Game of Thrones, is going to star as Maximus the Mad in a new ABC/Marvel Studios drama “Inhumans“.


I’m hoping from his picture, those of you GOT watchers are having flashbacks of rage. Iwan Rheon is most well known for his role as Ramsay Bolton in the show, and let’s be honest, he did a phenomenal job of making the audience hate his guts.

Now, he is set to play the star Maximus the Mad in Inhumans. Maximus is meant to be a clever and charming inhuman. A part of the royal family, he is passionately devoted to both his family and people, and he is the brother to the king. We all know how this story goes, the brother of the king is always jealous wishing it was him on the throne instead, and the story is no different here. So while Maximus is very much a man of the people, he also covets the power of the throne. Sounds like a dynamic character for Rheon to play.

Inhumans is going to be an epic adventure about Black Bolt and the royal family. The race of inhumans is very similar to mutants in the x-men universe. They are superhumans with diverse and unique powers. The show is going to be an eight episode series airing this Labor Day 2017.


There’s a couple of exciting differences with this series. Rather than the series have a regular premiere on our TV’s at home, the first two episodes will be premiering in more than 1,000 Imax theaters in 74 countries. The goal is to make the premiere of the series an event rather than letting it fall into the crowd of all the fall TV shows.

So this isn’t only a joint venture between Marvel and ABC, but also Imax. Imax paid for the first two episodes and help with the costs for the show. This has us excited because if these three companies are teaming up to make this series, we all know it’s going to be spectacular.


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