Mean Girls: It’s That Day Again…

Many of you may already know the significance of this day, but we thought we’d post this up for the rest of you who are sadly uninformed. Mean girls came out in 2004 and despite it being over 10 years later, we all remember it like it was yesterday… “On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.”



For those of you who don’t remember this movie here is a quick refresher course: 

Beware, the following does contain spoilers. 

mean-girls THESE, are the “mean girls”.

giphy-2 THIS, is Regina George — the leader of the mean girls.

imgres  and THIS, is Cady Heron. A.k.a. new girl & closet math geek.

Obviously as the new girl at a high school, Cady wants to fit in and have friends. The mean girls decide to take her in. They teach her all of their rules. For instance, on Wednesdays they wear pink.


She eventually becomes a “mean girl” herself:


and develops a crush on Regina’s Ex: Aaron a.k.a. Mr. October 3rd. A Big No-No in the Mean Girls world — he is off-limits. This leads to a power struggle between queen Regina and new girl Cady.


However, despite appearances — deep down — Cady is a good person. Once she realizes all of the things she keeps doing are MEAN, she changes her ways. She sheds her cool girl facade, joins the mathletes and becomes your average high-schooler.

… So go watch Mean Girls, after all it IS October 3rd! 





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