Is Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them Not So Magical?

It was a mere 15 years ago the the boy who lived made his premiere and became a beloved character. The Harry Potter prequel, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was a highly anticipated movie premiere this November. It’s not-recording breaking weekend of approximately $75M nationally was quite a surprise to many. However, it did score big internationally — accruing $143.3M. Together, the film earned a whopping $218.3M! Considering it cost about $180M to make, this is good news for Warner Bros.


It is somewhat puzzling as to why the movie didn’t score big in the US too. The film received solid cinemascore feedback, with an A+ for under-18, and an A- for over 25. However the film, originally intended to be “kid friendly”, actually was a huge success with adults. This means that rather than scoring new die-hard fans from the younger population, it instead played on the nostalgia-driven J.K. Rowling fans out there. (You know the ones I’m talking about — they’re the ones who dressed up for all of the Harry Potter premieres.) It just didn’t seem to “WOW” the North American crowd the way it still did overseas.


One theory for the results nationally is the play on American wizards in the film being more strictly religious and less open to wizard-muggle interactions and relationships. Including little tidbits thrown in like Hogwarts being a British school. So, some of these storylines we’ve fallen in love with over time have all changed and now we are torn between being “All-American-supporters” or “Harry-Potter-supporters”. Is Hogwarts the best wizarding school or Ilvermorny?!


So what does this mean? Quite simply, this could mean that the original plan of this turning into a five film franchise may just not happen. Still, there is plenty of time left to continue gaining box-office tickets as well as further recognition worldwide. The movie could gain traction and surprise us even further.


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