Hidden Disney Movie Dirty Jokes You Probably Missed

Think Disney movies are just for kids? Think again. There are a few hidden gems inside Disney movies intended to make the adults watching crack a smile. Check out these nine hidden dirty jokes inside popular Disney kids’ movies you probably missed the first time you watched. Thanks to Bustle for the list.

  1. Toy Story: Sid’s toy legs turn into a street walker


2. Toy Story 2: When Buzz pops a wing-boner when he sees Jessie

3. Bambi: When Flower get more than a little flushed when he gets his first kiss

4. Aladdin: When Genie cracks a sex joke

5. Cars: When Lightning McQueen gets flashed by fan groupies

6. Hercules: The Oedipus reference

7. HocusPocus: The happy bus driver’s reaction to the bouncing beauty on his lap

8. Frozen: The size doesn’t matter crack

9. Emperor’s New School: Kronk “pitches a tent” in a convenient location

Do you know of any other hidden adult humor in Disney movies?


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