HBO’s New Series ‘Room 104’ gives major American Horror Story vibes


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HBO has taken a turn into the dark side or should we say the anthology side, with their new series Room 104. The guys behind the scenes of Room 104 are brothers Jay and Mark Duplass. Room 104 stands as their third project with the network, their previous work is credited to HBO’s Togetherness and Animals.


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(Brothers Jay and Mark Duplass)

The series is set in a single room Room 104 and it tells the different stories of characters who pass through it in each episode. From the looks of the official trailer the stories are bound to be weird, sad, scary and down right CREEPY.  This almost sounds like ‘American Horror Story: Hotel‘, but the big difference is that the focus is just on one hotel room, not an entire building.

American Horror Story and American Crime Story are both anthology shows created by Ryan Murphy. Their recent popularity seems to have paved the way for HBO’s new series. Will Room 104’s weirdness attract Murphy’s fanbase and more? Well, only time will tell. The 12 episode anthology series is set to premiere Friday, July 28.

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(James Van Der Beek Room 104 Trailer Scene)

Some recognizable faces in the trailer are James Van Der Beek (CSI: Cyber) Mae Whitman (Parenthood), Nat Wolff (Paper Towns),  Poorna Jagannathan (HBO’s The Night Of) and  Jay Duplass.

Check out the trailer below




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