Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

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All Gilmore Girls fans are preparing themselves to binge watch the Netflix original new series “Gilmore Girls A Year in The Life“. After 11 years the comedy series is back, and is actually taking a different spin on the series. Instead of 20 episodes, the new series is divided into four movie-length episodes corresponding to seasons, starting with “Winter.” Amy Sherman-Palladino wrote and directed “Winter” and “Fall”; Daniel Palladino wrote and directed “Spring” and “Summer.”

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The good thing about the re-launch of Gilmore Girls is that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has full creative power. Sherman-Palladino was not able to write the last Season 7 of Gilmore Girls, and fans had to watch as their favorite characters were no longer the same on screen. Now that the original creator is back with full creative power fans are in for a treat. Fans no longer have to accept a non Sherman-Palladino ending from The Gilmore Girls. In the new series, three generations of Gilmore women grapple with change and the complicated bonds of family during one year of Stars Hollow.


The series stars Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop and Scott Patterson.


Check out the trailer below




Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life will premiere on Netflix Friday, Nov 25. Image result for gilmore girls a year in the life gif


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