Game of Thrones: season 7, episode 3, The Queens Justice Recap

A few days ago, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen met for the first time. Hearts were pounding, fans were enthralled and for many — their two favorite characters clashed on screen for the first time. We can only hope that over time, these two will learn to trust and respect one another for all they have accomplished.

This long-awaited meeting was not the only captivating part of this weeks episode though. It was accompanied by another devastating loss in Daenerys’ battle to retake Westeros. Tyrion’s plan seemed so well thought out, and it made us forget that we hadn’t even heard of Cersei’s plan yet. Although you would think we knew this by now after 6 seasons — remind me to never cross Cersei. She took care of many of her enemies last season when she used wildfire to blow up the Great Sept, but she hasn’t lost any of her brutality for revenge.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the Queen of Thorns’ threw out one last thorn before passing on. Even after being assured by Jamie that he convinced Cersei out of her brutal torturous plans for Olenna’s death. She drinks her painless poison and admits she is the one who killed his son, Joffrey. She also tells him that he must deliver this news to Cersei. This tiny morsel of information will be interesting to watch unfold. On one hand, Jamie now has confirmation that he was right to trust his brother and set him free. He knew he did not kill Joffrey. On the other, how will Cersei take this? And how will her reaction affect Jamie’s blind love for her? We can only hope it sparks the beginning of the end for Cersei.

Although many are complaining about the extremely quick travel within the last few episodes, I view it as the creators being highly economical with view time. It really wasn’t necessary for us to see a big battle between the Tyrells and the Lannisters. The Tyrells are renowned for not being fighters. Also, I for one am happy we didn’t have to watch Jon Snow travel the seas. With so few episodes left, creators need to pick and choose what to use for screen time, and we believe they’ve done a great job with this so far.

Check out next weeks trailer below, and join us while we actively avoid any spoilers and fan theories for the week.


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