Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8 “The Dance of Dragons” Spoilers

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8 “The Dance of Dragons”

If you missed this week’s Game of Thrones episode, The Dance of Dragons, we have all the spoilers you need in one convenient summary, kind of like a gas station burrito and drink deal.


Stannis’ army sleeps in tents in the snow. Melisandre has a vision and goes outside to stare at the tents. Many of the tents burst into flame and burning horses race through the camp. Sir Davos walks through the smoldering camp and tells Stannis a band of twenty Bolton men snuck into the camp and set fire to everything. Stannis refuses the Sir Davos’ pleas to return to castle black He stares as Melisandre and orders the dead horses butchered for meat.

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Jon and the Wildlings

Jon hikes with the wildlings and a single giant up to The Wall. Alliser looks down at them from the top of the Wall, deciding if he will open the gates. He finally gives the order to open the gates and Jon is relieved. Jon tells Sam the mission was a failure. sam tells him it wasn’t a failure because they saved lives. Alliser tells Jon, “you have a good heart, Jon Snow. It will get us all killed.”

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Stannis, Sir Davos, and Princess Shireen

Stannis sends Sir Davos back to Castle Black with men to demand more food so they can march again. Davos argues a boy with a scroll can deliver the message, and he should stay with Stannis because he needs him now more than ever. Stannis insists he go, and Davos’ request to take the Queen and Princess with him to protect them are denied. Stannis tells him, “My family stays with me.”


Sir Davos goes to see the princess Shireen and she tells him a story about a Dance with Dragons. He gives her a toy stag he made for her. She asks if he’ll make her a doe, too. He agrees and she asks why he’s giving her a present. He says she deserves it. Davos says it’s a thank you for teaching him to be a grown up, and asks if she’ll read him the rest of Dance of Dragons when he returns. She says he’ll read it to himself when he gets back.

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Jaime and The Martell’s

Jaime sees the royal family in Dorne. They ask what’s he’s doing in Dorne. He says he’s protecting Myrcella because they received a threatening message. Myrcella says the necklace was stolen from her room. They drink a toast to Tommen. Ellaria pours her wine out on the ground. Prince Doran orders Myrcella and Trystane will return to King’s Landing and Trystane will take his place on the small council. Ellaria voices her displeasure and Doran informs her he’ll kill her if she speaks to him that way again. She storms out. Tristayne agrees to set Bronn free if the guard can strike him back as repayment for striking Tristayne. He elbows Bronn in the face and knocks him off his feet.

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Arya Stark

Arya calls for customers as she pushes her clam cart along the docks. She spots the man she is supposed to kill. He calls her over when he sees the oysters but she hesitates then walks away as she sees Lord Tyrell and Meryn Trant get off a boat.

She stares, and follows them. Tyrell meets with the bankers. Aya waits for them to come out. The guards and Meryn go to a brothel and Arya follows with her oysters.

The keeper tries to thrown her out, but a whore orders a dozen oysters and she’s allowed to stay. Meryn is having whores paraded in front of him to choose the one he wants. He declares each one to be too old. The guard brings Arya in and she’s not recognized. The madame brings in a young girl and Meryn says she’ll do and asks for a fresh one to be ready tomorrow. Madame says of course, and orders Arya out before she’s whipped. Aya returns to the house of Black and White. She tells Jaqen the man was not hungry today and she’ll try tomorrow.

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Doran, Ellaria, and the Sand Snakes

Prince Doran tells Ellaria her rebellion is over, she can swear allegiance to him, or die. She kneels before him and kisses his ring. She begins to cry. The Sand Snakes stand by and watch. Doran tells Ellaria he doesn’t believe in third chances and pulls his hand away from her.

Jaime is writing and Ellaria comes in, tells him he writes like a seven year old. She tells Jaime he must love Cersei very much. Ellaria tells him things change, but the only thing that stays the same is we want who we want. She tells him she doesn’t blame him for what happened to Oberyn.

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Princess Shireen and the Lord of Light’s Hunger

Princess Shireen is reading when Stannis visits her. She tells him about the story she’s reading about the battle for the Targaryen throne and the death of the dragons. He asks her if she had to choose who would rule, who would she choose. She says, neither man. He tells her sometimes we have to choose, but a man must stay true to himself and fulfill his destiny and become who he is meant to be, no matter how much he must hate it. He is visibly upset and Shireen tries to soothe him. She tells him it’s ok, and asks if there is any way she can help him. He tells her, “Yes”. She hugs him and he asks her to forgive him.

Shireen walks outside with him and is delivered to four guards who walk her to a stake piled with firewood. She calls for her father when she sees Melisandre. Shireen’s tied to the stake, and screams for her father.

Stannis and Selyse walk out and watch. The queen tells him it must be done to appease the Lord of Light so they won’t starve. Then, Shireen calls for her mother. Selyse breaks down and runs for Shireen. Guards hold her back, but she breaks free and runs for the screaming girl. She collapses on the ground and as Shireen screams and burns. Selyse wails and Stannis turns away.

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Daeny, Daario, Hizdahr, Tyrion, Missendei, and Jorah

We see the arena filled with cheering people. Danny, Missandei, Tyrion and Hizdahr sit watching. Daario squeezes between Daeny and Hizdahr and tells him his money is on the small, fast fighter, not the big man. They argue over who will win and Daeny takes Daario’s side as she points out that Hizdahr doesn’t have a valid argument since he’s never personally fought in the pits like Daario has. They argue about traditions and fighting, and Tyrion tells Hizdahr he is very eloquent, but in his experience, eloquent men are wrong just as often as imbeciles.

The first match results in a beheading. Jorah comes out and announces he fights for the Queen’s glory. She stares at him, upset. We wait as she decides if she will allow the match to continue. Then Daeny claps her hands for the match to begin.

Jorah stabs his opponent in the heart and moves to fight another victor. Jorah wins against all opponents, and then throws a spear into the Queen’s sitting area where people scramble, believing he’s aiming for Daeny. Jorah kills a Sons of Harpy member standing right behind Daeny, waiting to kill her. They look into the crowd and masked men are everywhere. The Sons of Harpy begin slaughtering people and fight to get to Daeny.

Hizdahr is stabbed. Jorah takes Daeny and escorts her out of the tent. Tyrion kills a Harpy as the Harpy is about to stab Missandei.

Daario and Jorah hustle to get Daeny out of danger. They try to leave but are blocked. They stand in the middle of the arena, surrounded by dozens of Sons with spears. Daeny takes Missandei’s hand and closes her eyes, resigned that she will die. A dragon screeches overhead and blows fire into the sky. Drogon lands in the arena and eats a Harpy (with a “Tasty” grin and roar). He roasts a few, then sprays fire to protect Daeny. Burning men crawl on the ground.

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Drogon is stabbed by a spear and Daeny calls to him and pulls it out. He screeches in her face in pain, then calms until he’s stabbed again then begins screeching again. Daeny climbs on his back and tells him to fly in Valerian.

They take to the sky, leaving everyone gaping.

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