Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8 Hardhome Spoilers

If you missed tonight’s Game of Thrones episode, we’ve got an episode summary with all the spoilers to help get you caught up.

GoT Hardhome Episode Spoilers

Jorah, Daeny, and Tyrion

Jorah comes before Daennerys. She questions how she should know Tyrion is a Lannister and why she shouldn’t just kill him. Tyron says she needs him to advise her because he knows Westerns and served Joffrey well as Hand of the King. She asks him to advise her and tell her what she should do with Jorah since she swore to kill him if she ever saw him again. Tyron tell her, ”A ruler who kills those who are devoted to her is not a ruler who inspires devotion.” She orders to have Jorah removed from the city.

Jorah checks his greyscale on his arm once outside the palace and walks away.

Image courtesy Splash News
Image courtesy Splash News


A sister sparrow holds water in front of Cersei and tells her to confess. She strikes her when she tries to talk her way out of imprisonment and takes the water with her.

Arya and Jaqen

Arya pratcies lying to Jaqen. He says she will make a fine servant for the many faced god. He gives Arya her first mission. She pushes a cart of clams along the wharfs. She sells four clams with vinegar to a man who we learn has not kept his promises to pay out debts owed to sea captains who die at sea. He should pay the captains’ families their bet winnings, but has not. The families turn to the gods for justice, justice that Arya will dispense. Jaqen gives her special poisoned vinegar for the man’s clams and she delivers. She’s done washing bodies and has moved onto the next phase of her faceless training.




Cersei is accused of fornication and incest, and is told she will face trail. She asks if there’s been word from Jaime. She is told Pycelle has summoned Kevin to serve as hand of the king which panics Cersei. She asks to see the king but is told Tommen won’t see anyone and won’t eat. She’s advised to confess to get out of prison and help him. She refuses to kneel before the sparrow because she made him who he is. She refuses to confess and is again left alone.


Image courtesy of Series Anatomy
Image courtesy of Series Anatomy

Sansa (Stark) Bolton

Reeks brings supper to Sansa and she asks him why he told Ramsay about her plans to escape. He tells her there is no escaping, ever. He tells her the story about when he tried to run away as Theon and Ramsay flayed him piece by piece until there was no more Theon- only Reek left. Sansa says she would do the same to Theon for betraying her family. Reek says he deserved everything that happened and he’s done terrible things. He inadvertently confesses that the farmer’s boys were not Bran and Rickon. She asks him where Bran and Rickon are and Reek gets upset over spilling the beans and leaves.

Roose, Ramsay, and Stannis

Roose talks strategy with Ramasay about how to defeat Stannis. He recommends they strike first and they strike hard, leaving a feast for the crows.

Daeny and Tyrion

Daeny and Tyrion talk privately over wine. She asks why he killed his father, he says he’ll tell her if she ever decides not to execute him, but they’ll need much more wine.

He tells Dany Varys is probably the reason she wasn’t killed as a baby and tells her how Varys helped Tyrion escape, and that she has friends in Westeros, but they’re hidden.

Daeny tells him he’s not going to be killed and he will advise her. He asks her if perhaps she should stay in Mereen were she can do more good. Daeny says it’s not her home, Westerns is her home. He asks who will support her there in Westeros. She says the common people. He asks how that felt here in Mereen when only the common people supported her. He lists the individual houses and why they won’t support Daeny. She says the houses are just spokes on a wheel. One’s on top, then that one. She doesn’t plan to stop the wheel, but break it.

Jorah Mormont

Jorah fights and wins in the pits during training and asks for the right to fight in front of Daeny. He says he’ll belong to the slaver if he lets him fight.


Cersei is once again asked to confess if she wants water. She refuses and her water is poured out on the ground. She drinks it off the cell floor.

Sam, Gilly, and Olly

Gilly tends Sam’s wounds. He asks her if she’s scared. They both are.

Olly brings food asks to talk to Sam. Gilyl leaves. Olly asks about the wildlings Jon is going to help. He wants to know how Jon can trust them. Sam tells him he’s seen the White Walkers and when the time comes, they’ll need every man, including the wildlings. Sam says sometimes men have to make hard choices that at first seem wrong but in the end are right. Sam tells Olly to try not to worry about Jon, he’ll come back.

Image courtesy of vanity Fair.
Image courtesy of vanity Fair.

Jon Snow and Tormund

Jon and Tormund arrive at Hardhome.

They meet with the wildling elders and they ask why Tormund isn’t in chains. Jon says he’s not his prisoner and they’re allies. They call Tormund a traitor and Tormund beats the elder to the ground and tells them they need to talk.

Jon speaks to the wildlings. He says this meeting isn’t about friendship, it’s about survival and they need to put the Wall between them and the White Walkers to survive. He says together they can beat them. He shows them the dragon glass daggers. He tells them to come with the Night’s Watchmen and he’ll give them the weaponsns and allow them to farm lands south of the wall as long as they agree to join him once the real war begins. The wildlings ask about Mance and he says he put an arrow through his heart. They suggest to send Jon back to castle black with no eyes as a message and move to take Jon. Tormund stops them and tells how Jon killed Mance as mercy rather than letting him be burned alive. Tormund speaks for Jon and says they need him. They agree to trust Tormund, but not Jon. They agree to go. But some don’t agree and say Jon will slit their throats as soon as they’re on the ships. Many free folk decide to stay but about 5000 go with Jon.

Free folk are loading onto the boats to get out to Stannis’ ships when the dogs start barking.

A huge rumbling white fog descends on the people and they scramble to shut the gates to the village, trapping many outside.

When the fog clears, all those on the other side of the gates have turned into undead skeletons (like those who attacked Bran and Rickon). They attack the gates. People jump into the sea and remaining small boats to get to the ships to escape. It’s complete chaos. Jon calls the night’s watchmen to form a line and fight to protect those getting to the ships. Tormund goes with them to fight off the undead. The White Walkers on horses appear on the ridge and Jon calls for the dragon glass.

Jon runs into the burning village hall and the King White Walker walks out of the flames and attacks while they’re searching for the dragon glass. His sword of ice shatters Jon’s steel sword. Jon stumbles outside and picks up his valerian steel sword and is able to kill the White Walker, but is stunned and falls into the snow.

Image courtesy Monsters database
Image courtesy Monsters database

The While Walkers on horses sound a command and an army of undead jump of the cliff and come after the survivors, Jon, and Tormundt. Jon and Tormund make it onto a boat and the undead rush the shores.

A White Walker walks out onto the dock as Jon is rowing away and raises his arms. All the defeated dead free folk raise again as blue eyed White Walkers, much to Jon’s horror.


White Walker Child


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