Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 7 “The Gift” Spoilers

If you missed the week’s Game of Thrones, no worries, we’ve got all the spoilers you want to summarize this week’s episode so you can get back on track for next week. Here’s what you missed in episode 7 “The Gift”:

Game of Thrones Season 5


Game of Thrones Spoilers/Summary for Season 5, Episode 7, The Gift

Jon Snow and Tormund

Jon Snow sets Tormund free and leaves for North of the Wall, just like he said he’d do.

Master Aemon and Samwell

Maester Aemon falls ill and dies while Sam and Gilly tend to him, his watch has finally ended. Sir Alliser, now in charge of Castle Black, tells Samwell he’s running out of friends.

RIP Maester Aemon, image courtesy of
RIP Maester Aemon, image courtesy of

Sansa (Stark) Bolton, Ramsay, and Theon/Reek

Sansa asks Theon/Reek for help because she can’t endure Ramsay’s nightly rape, abuse and torture. She asks Reek to light a candle in the broken tower window and send for help from those who are still loyal to the Starks. Reek warns her he can’t be trusted and she doesn’t know what awful things Ramsay will do if he finds out. She says it can’t get any worse and Reek tells her it can always get worse. He tells her he is Reek, not Theon, and she reminds him he is Theon Greyjoy, last remaining son to Balon Greyjoy and heir to Iron Isles.

Poor Sansa always ends up some creep's plaything. Image courtesy of Business Insider.
Poor Sansa always ends up some creep’s plaything. Image courtesy of Business Insider.

Brienne watches over Sansa from afar.

Sansa confronts Ramsay, her now husabnd, about his birthright if Roose has a son because a bastard has little claim over a trueborn. Ramsay reminds her he has a boone from the King granting him all rights as a Bolton, not a Snow. Sansa points out that the King is a bastard as well. Ramsay shows Sansa the dead, hanging body of the old woman who swore to help her and gives her candle back, warning her she is alone and at his mercy at Winterfell.

Stannis Baratheon

Stannis rides with his army into the wilderness. His horses are dying, his supplies are low, and his sellswords (500 of them) ride off in the night. Sir Davos recommends he turn back to Castle Black but Stannis refuses. He questions Lady Melisandre about the Lord of Light’s prophecy . She says Stannis’s daughter is the key to his victory, but he refuses to sacrifice her, saying Shireen is just a child.

Sam and Gilly

A couple of Night’s Watchmen proposition Gilly and Samwell comes to her rescue. Sam takes a serious beating and stands up to them, saying he’s killed a white walker and he can take them, too. Ghost scares off the men and Sam passes out. Gilly tends Sam’s wounds and they kiss and end up having sex, as if we didn’t see that coming. In fact, I finished writing that sentence before they finished their scene it was that predictable.

"My Hero!" Sappy love stories have no place on GoT, Samwell Tully. Image courtesy of
“My Hero!” Sappy love stories have no place on GoT, Samwell Tully. Image courtesy of

Tyrion and Jorah

Tyrion is led in chains with Jorah to be sold as a slave for the fighting pits. Jorah sells for 20 gold pieces. Tyrion begs to go with Jorah and says he’s a great fighter. He beats his handler to prove it. The crowd laughs and he is bought for a coin and is taken along.


Daenerys is in bed with Daario and talks of her pending marriage to Hizdahr zo Loraq. Daario proposes she marry him instead. He says she is queen and can do what she likes. She disagrees. He says she is the only person in Meereen who is not free, then. He recommends she gather all the masters and great rulers at the games and slaughter them all.

Stick to the dragons, Daeny.  Image courtesy of NY
Stick to the dragons, Daeny. Image courtesy of NY

The Tyrell’s

Lady Olenna Tyrell goes looking for the High Sparrow. She accuses him of doing Cersei’s dirty work. She states she wants Margaery and Loras freed. She offers to pay him in gold for their release. The High Sparrow declines and says he serves the gods and they demand justice. She tries to reason with him. but he refuses. Olenna threatens to stop sending crops to King’s Landing and everyone will starve unless the Tyrell’s are freed. The High Sparrow makes a threat and declines to let them go, “You, Lady Olenna are the few. We are the many. When the many stop fearing the few…” He walks away with his threat hanging in the air.

Lady Olenna receives a scroll in the street from Little Finger when she leaves the High Sparrow.

The Lannister’s

Tommen starves himself over Margaery’s imprisonment. He yells at Cersei over his helplessness. He threatens to storm the sept and kill everyone and start a war if Margaery isn’t freed. Cersei reminds him Margaery would be the first to die in that war. Cersei says she will talk to the High Sparrow and try to win her freedom and Loras’. She says she will do anything to protect him, Tommen and his sister are all that matter.

Jaime Lannister is allowed to see Myrcella. Myrcella refuses to leave and says she’s marrying Trystane Martell. She tells Jaime he doesn’t know her and can’t tell her what to do. She’s lived in Dorne for years and likes it there. She obeyed her mother’s orders to come, and now she’s staying.

Did we really expect to NOT be just like her mother? Image courtesy of
Did we really expect to NOT be just like her mother? Image courtesy of

Bronn sings in prison. The Sand Sisters sit in prison and Tyene tries to seduce him from the cell across from him. She asks him if she is the most beautiful woman in the world, and shows him her junk. He starts to tell her of a woman in King’s Landing, but then he gets a nose bleed and grows dizzy. He falls against the wall and Tyene tells him her dagger was coated with a slow-killing poison. She holds up the antidote and asks him who the most beautiful woman in the world is, again. He answers she is and he is tossed the antidote, which he drinks happily.


Little Finger comes home to find his brothel torn to pieces by the Sparrows. He meets with Olenna. She says she has nothing to lose and wants to know what Cersei wants. Peter says he has a gift for Olenna, a handsome young man.

Jorah and Tyrion

Jorah is sent to the fighting pits with Tyrion. He sits on the bench while the others go out to fight. He dons his helmet and comes out willingly when he learns Daeny is present. Daeny has seen enough violence and gets up to leave but stays when she sees the helmeted fighter knock out the other fighters. Jorah fights to the victory without killing the men. Tyrion hears the fighting and tries to saw through his chains in the waiting area when a large man cuts him free. Jorah wins and removes his helmet while standing before Daeny. She orders him taken away but he tells her about his gift for her, and Tyrion walks out and introduces himself.


Cersei visits Margaery in prison. She’s filthy and sick. Cersei brings Margaery food and Margaery accuses Cersei of putting her in jail and lying. Cersei pretends to play nice and tells Margaery she doesn’t mean the things she says because she’s under stress. Margaery flings the soup at Cersei and tells her to, “Get out, Bitch!” Cersei smiles as she leaves.

She talks with the High Sparrow and they discuss the trials. They discuss that if one or both of the Tyrell’s confess before the trail, they will invoke the mother’s mercy and be given acts of contrition as punishment.

The High Sparrow discusses Balor’s building of the capitol building and how his vanity was inflicted on those who came after him. High Sparrow talks of how the Tyrell’s will be stripped and laid bare. He asks Cersei, “What will we find when he strip away your finery?” He tells her of Lancel Lannister’s confession of his affair with Cersei and how Lancel has made amends for his sins and repented. Lancel enters the room and Cersei tries to leave.

The High Sparrow may be the only honest character in this whole series. Image courtesy of
The High Sparrow may be the only honest character in this whole series. Image courtesy of

She is blocked by a silent sister and taken into custody to her own jail cell. She threatens her captors, tells them to look at her face, it’s the last thing they’ll see before they die.

"Remember my face." Image courtesy of
“Remember my face.” Image courtesy of




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