FX Premieres New Show “Legion”

Looks like FX is bringing out a range of new shows this season, and we are loving it. They recently brought out a biopic Taboo, starring Tom Hardy. (Click here to learn more about it.) Now today, February 8th, they’re premiering yet another new show called Legion tonight at 10 p.m. ! The show comes from both FX and Marvel together, and is produced by Noah Hawley. Hawley is known for making the epic miniseries Fargo with FX.

The show is the first superhero adaptation of 2017 and is said to be inspired by X-Men. There a some major ties to major X-men characters, but is not actually in the X-Men Universe. The show follows the life of David Haller, played by Dan Stevens, who believes he is either going insane or has incredible psychic powers.

It is intended to be quite the mind-twister. It starts out with Haller living in a mental institution, diagnosed with schizophrenia. He is extremely confused about how his mind works and this confusion passes over to the audience too. Eventually he meets another mutant, Syd, who opens his world to his many abilities.

What’s so exciting about the show? It’s meant to move past the typical superhero blockbuster movie/tv-show that we see so often nowadays. No one will be wearing superhero suits and no one will be shooting lasers out of their eyes.

We’re pretty excited to check out this show and see just what it’s all about. In the meantime, check out the trailer below while you wait for the premiere tonight!


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