Free Film Friday- What to Watch for Free Online This Weekend

If you’re looking for something to watch this weekend, OVGuide has all the best free films online in one convenient place. Check out this week’s most popular movies and find your must-see movie lineup.

Free Film Friday- What to Watch for Free Online

Watch DARK NATURE Online Hoping to enjoy a nice holiday in the country, a mother and her daughter travel to a remote Scottish community, but their getaway turns into a nightmare as an escalating series of disturbances force them into a desperate fight for their lives.
Watch SLAUGHTER DAUGHTER Online After being left at the altar 5 years ago, ex-beauty queen Farrah Adjani has receded into her own world. She lives at home in an apartment shared by her mother and aunt, and rarely comes out of her room. She spends her time flipping through the 24-hour news cycle and feeding her obsession with Jackson Miles, a recently convicted serial killer. Everything changes when her overbearing drunk of a mother returns home from her date, flashes a ring, and announces ‘Mommy’s getting married!’ Thrown into a tailspin, Farrah makes a drastic move to get noticed by Jackson Miles. She wants to learn everything Jackson knows about murder. Farrah never could be the perfect daughter, but can she be the perfect killer? On her mother’s wedding day, she’s planning to find out!
Watch BEAT GIRL Online This Emmy-nominated coming-of-age story follows the turbulent life of 19-year-old Heather. Following the death of her mother, Heather is forced to move in with her estranged father and half-brother. Burying herself in music, Heather struggles to find a balance between her friendships and her messy family life, and she is torn between a career as a classical pianist and the enticing world of DJing.
Watch PERFECT SCORE Online The Perfect Score is a 2004 American teen heist film directed by Brian Robbins, starring Erika Christensen, Chris Evans, Bryan Greenberg, Scarlett Johansson, Darius Miles, and Leonardo Nam. The film focuses on a group of six high school students whose futures will be jeopardized if they fail the upcoming SAT exam. They conspire to break into the ETS building and steal the answers to the exam, so they can all get perfect scores. The film deals with the themes of one’s future, morality, individuality, and feelings. The Perfect Score has similarities to other high school films, including The Breakfast Club and Dazed and Confused, which are often referenced throughout the film. However, the film was panned by most critics and performed poorly at the box office.
Watch HOODS Online Hoods is 1998 independent film directed by Mark Malone.
Watch 22 BULLETS Online “A retired gangster (Reno) is the target of a brutal assassination attempt. He survives to exact violent revenge on those who left him for dead … but who were they? Produced by Luc Besson, and featuring a charismatic central performance from Reno, this slick, hard-boiled French thriller proves once again that Hollywood is not the only source of stylish, action-packed entertainment.” Quoting the synopsis from the 2010 Edinburgh International Film Festival site.
Watch THE CONFESSIONAL Online A disturbed sculptor assumes the identity of a small town priest and designs a game of divine madness for a unsuspecting town.
Watch SLAUGHTERED Online When a new worker joins the group of bar staff, the sexual tension starts to rise and so too does the body count, as something horrifying is lurking beneath them in the cellar.
Watch THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST Online The Best and the Brightest is a film directed by Josh Shelov.
Watch ROAD RAGE Online They say you shouldn’t take rides from strangers, and a young woman gets an especially vivid reminder of why in this thriller. Sonia (Danielle Brett) is a college student whose relationship with her fiance has begun falling apart; after an especially ugly argument with her boyfriend, Sonia hitches a ride home with Jim (Casper Van Dien), a truck driver. At first, Sonia thinks of Jim as her knight in shining armor, but before long it becomes obvious that Jim is not the good Samaritan he seems to be, and when he becomes involved in a dangerous game of tag with another motorist, Sonia realizes her situation has gone from unpleasant to potentially deadly.

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