Free Film Friday- Watch Popular Full Length Films from August 2015

Are you looking for something to watch this week for free online? OVGuide has the perfect list of free movies available online to save you the hassle of searching all over the webs, only to end in disappointment. Here’s a list of last week’s most popular free films for this this week’s Free Film Friday.

Watch to Watch for Free Online This Week- Free Film Friday

Watch CRACKING THE PROPHETIC CODE Online For centuries, students of the Bible, scholars, and theologians have studied and speculated over the exact meaning of the Book of Revelation. Countless attempts have been made to interpret each of these symbols as they relate to human history. Over the past several decades, great light has been shed on the beasts of Revelation, but the second beast is hardly talked about or understood. It has been a mystery and lurked in the shadow of the first beast for almost two thousand years. What about this second beast called the False Prophet? Who is he? What is he? And what is he trying to accomplish on this planet? Cracking the Prophetic Code extracts the true meaning behind the symbolic and mysterious second beast, and finally explains who he is, and what he is doing before our very eyes, and yet remains unseen. You will be shocked, and spellbound by this video, which will take you through the panorama of human history, explaining historic events in their prophetic context, and bringing you to the doorstep of today. You will understand your world like never before, and the exciting dangerous moment in which we live, as Cracking the Prophetic Code puts all the pieces together with crystal clarity.
Watch THE ATTIC Online The Attic is a 2007 American horror film directed by Mary Lambert, starring Elisabeth MossJason LewisTom Malloy, and Catherine Mary Stewart.
Watch BALL & CHAIN Online When Ameet and Saima‘s Indian-American families arrange for them to be married they will do anything to get out of the situation. In their desperation to have the wedding called off, they fail to realize that they have actually fallen in love. By now however Saima’s parents have promised her hand to a sleazy playboy, Ashol. Culture and customs clash in this hilarious and delightful comedy.
Watch DEVIL IN THE FLESH Online Devil in the Flesh FrenchLe diable au corps is a 1947 French movie directed by Claude Autant-Lara starring Micheline Presle and Gérard Philipe. It is based on a novel by Raymond Radiguet.
Watch DEVIL YOU KNOW Online When a reclusive ex-movie star attempts to make a career comeback, she is threatened by an anonymous blackmailer. The resulting events force her to confront the truth about herself and those around her.
Watch AROUND THE BLOCK Online Around the Block is a 2013 Australian drama film directed and written by Sarah Spillane. The films stars Christina RicciJack Thompson and Damian Walshe-Howling. The films revolves around an American drama teacher who develops a friendship with a sixteen-year-old Aboriginal Australian boy during the 2004 Redfern riots.
Watch CAM GIRL Online Desperate after losing her job, Alice starts a sexy webcam site with three friends. Successful at first, their new found decadence sends them on a downward spiral of mutual resentment and dangerous excess.
Watch SENSATION Online Against all odds, the first theatrical production in over 20 years at Dominguez High School is going to be Thornton Wilder’s American classic “Our Town.” The kids at this Compton school are about to experience more than a culture clash, as they embark on a rich journey and discover the educational and social value of theater. OT: Our Town tells the story of human spirit and its strength against the clichés attempting to hold it down. Where Wilder wrote about little Grover’s Corners, this documentary exemplifies how Our Town is every town, Our Town is Compton.
Watch HAVING YOU Online Having You is an English drama film directed and written by Sam Hoare. Film stars Anna FrielRomola GaraiAndrew BuchanPhil Davis and Harry Hadden-Paton. It tells the story of a man named Jack who’s living with his pregnant partner Camilla but one day Anna, a one-night stand from 8 years earlier shows up and informs him he has a son called Phoenix. Jack begins to spend time with his son but is reluctant to tell Camilla about everything that’s been going on. She later finds out when Phoenix has an accident on the playground and is rushed to the hospital where Camilla works. She and Jack fall out. A little way down the road it’s revealed that Anna has a terminal illness and she asks Jack to look after Phoenix once she’s gone which he agrees to. In the end Anna dies and Phoenix goes to live with Jack who makes things right with Camilla. The film ends before Camilla has her baby. A beautiful tale about relationships, family and love.
Watch A CALL GIRL Online Slovenian Girl is a 2009 Slovenian film directed by Damjan KozoleAleksandra, a twenty-three-year-old Slovenian, leads a double life: she is a respectable student and a call girl. The film stars Nina Ivanišin. Slovenian Girl was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2009 and it was released theatrically in more than 30 countries, in US under the title A Call Girl. According to Moving Pictures Magazine, “the film is ultimately a fascinating study of free enterprise in free fall. In this mesmerizing chamber piece, director Damjan Kozole has contrived a new style of narrative to convey a view of capitalist culture at once outrageous and non-judgmental”.

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