Top Mystery Movies: Can You Solve These Mysteries?


To gear up for upcoming Halloween 2016 festivities OVGuide would love to get your brain working to help us solve some mysteries! Ok, so not real mysteries but mysteries that are in some of our featured movies. After watching these movies your family and friends may easily mistake you as a main character in Scooby Doo.

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1. They Wait

After living in Shanghai for three years, Sarah, her husband and their young son, Sammy, return to North America for a family funeral. But something strange is going on. Sammy starts seeing ghosts and then falls gravely ill.
2. The Sitter
The film is about a couple who hires a live-in nanny who inserts herself increasingly into the family routine. Then friends of the family begin to have mysterious accidents, as the nanny conspires to replace the mother through murder.
3. First Born

Laura’s expecting and her husband has little time for her. A C section drives her over the edge, making her see things in a different light. A creepy babysitter doesn’t make things any better. She begins seeing things, trusts no one, as she goes into self destruct mode.
4. Deadly Sanctuary
When city girl Kendall O’Dell moves to the isolated desert community of Castle Valley, she discovers that small towns hide the biggest secrets
5. The Dark Half
Set in the Wisconsin suburbs of the United States, Eric Forman lives under the authority of his parents, Red and Kitty. Next door is his girlfriend/neighbor, Donna Pinciotti and her parents Bob and Midge. The rest of the gang includes Jackie, and her sometimes boyfriend, Kelso, Hyde, a conspiracy theorist and Fez, a foreign exchange student. The gang mostly likes to spend their time in Eric’s basement, pondering their lives, parents, and their futures, while getting into many funny mishaps and adventures in their teenage lives along the way.

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What was your favorite movie mystery to solve?



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