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Every celebrity has their own unique story on how they reached stardom. Most of the time, there is not a straight narrow path on becoming an influential celebrity, causing it to be interesting to watch their lives reveal in documentaries. The featured documentaries below focus on female celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, and Ellen DeGeneres. Did you know Ellen launched her career as a stand up comedian, performing regularly at small clubs and coffee houses? If that sounds interesting to you, check out more of their stories below.

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Free Female Celebrity Documentaries

Kim Kardashian: Evolution

Kim Kardashian: Evolution
Kim Kardashian is the most recognizable reality star in the world. Her popularity and stunning beauty continues to sell fitness videos, fragrances, books, magazines, and clothing. She’s been through tragedy, betrayal, adversity, and major scrutiny and still manages to be everywhere at once. In this revealing and exclusive documentary, we examine the evolution of the Armenian American beauty Kim Kardashian.
Britney Spears: Reinvention
Britney Spears: Reinvention This biography picture goes beyond the music and explores the challenges and triumphs of the pop icon – Britney Spears.
Avril Lavigne: The Life of a Rock Pop Star 

Avril Lavigne: The Life of a Rock Pop Star
Avril Lavigne began singing at the age of 2. By the time she was 17 she’d already become a pop sensation. Today she has sold over 30 million records, and was listed by Billboard Magazine as one of the top pop artists of the decade. However, her success hasn’t come without trials and tribulations.
Taylor Swift: American Beauty
Taylor Swift: American Beauty This biography goes beyond the music and explores the challenges and triumphs of Taylor Swift, the American Beauty. Stars Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Jonathan Donahue, Kathie Bostian.
Ellen Degeneres: All of Me
Ellen Degeneres: All Of Me Ellen DeGeneres was born and raised in Metarie, Louisiana. She launched her career as a stand up comedian, performing regularly at small clubs and coffee houses. At the tender age of 23 she landed her first consistent gig as an emcee at Clyde’s Comedy Club in New Orleans. She began to tour nationally, being named Showtime’s Funniest Person in America in 1982. In 1986 she appeared for the first time on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, which turned out to be the exposure of a lifetime. In this inspirational docu-drama we examine the highs and lows of the woman who puts the “C” in comedy.
Ariana Grande: Her Life, Her Story
Ariana Grande: Her Life, Her Story Ariana Grande: Her Life, Her Story (2013) is a Documentary feature film.
Amy Winehouse: The Girl Done Good 
Amy Winehouse: The Girl Done Good: A Documentary Review Amy Winehouse: The Girl Done Good is a review of her music and career to date. Drawing on rare and classic performances, exclusive interviews, lengthy contributions from friends, colleagues, journalists and experts, and a host of other features, this DVD is a unique insight into the music, career and life of a cultural icon. In an age when Z-list celebrities garner more media attention than the truly gifted, Amy Winehouse is an anomaly – a woman of such extraordinary flair it beggars belief and a dream for the tabloids, all rolled into one. So while many of her chart-topping contemporaries build here-today-gone-tomorrow ‘careers’ of little substance, Amy’s appeal is genuine, based on talent with a capital T.
Ashanti: Princess of Hip Hop Soul
Ashanti: Princess of Hip Hop Soul As a young girl growing up in New York, Ashanti had her heart set on entertaining. Singing and dancing in front of her family, she dreamt of one day being a star. Now, that dream has become a reality. The Hip Hop Princess has graced the cover of nearly every major magazine and won numerous awards for writing and performing her own music. She has certainly come a long way since those days of performing in the living room. Take a ride with us as we explore the life of Ashanti – how she found music, and how music found her.
Whitney Houston – Her Life Story
Whitney Houston - Her Life Story

By the time Whitney Elizabeth Houston was 15, she was singing background vocals for Chaka Khan, Lou Rawls, and Jermaine Jackson. In 1983, Whitney signed a worldwide recording contract with Clive Davis’ Arista Records. However, her success came with its fair share of drug use, love affairs, and scandals.

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