Free Action Movies to Watch This Weekend

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If you want to watch a free movie that roots for the underdog and has a fast paced plot be sure to check out “All Hat“. All Hat is a movie that combines adventure and drama to follow¬†the life of ex-baseball player Ray.¬†When Ray is released from jail, his worst fears come true when he finds that the rural landscape of his childhood has been destroyed by urban development. Ray must now save his hometown without landing himself back in jail.

If this movie interests you be sure to also check out similar free movies below

Free Movies Similar to All Hat


Day of Redemption
Small-town retired sheriff Frank Everly finds his life on the skids after his wife Mary is murdered by the ruthless maniac Vincent Pope. When Pope escapes from prison, Everly comes out of retirement to hunt down Mary’s killer.
Bank Roll
Bank Roll Set in present day Burbank, California and the surrounding San Fernando Valley area, Bank Roll is a slice-of-life tale about six friends who have done everything together, except rob a bank. Benny Big Time learns his brother has been arrested on suspicion of a few recent bank robberies. With every bit of the life savings he’s socked away over the years, The Benny sets a plan to help out this older brother escape the repercussions of his fate by complicating his own with the assistance of five close friends, Erik, Derek, Jamie, K.C. and Kyle

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