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If you want to watch a free movie that has a good sense action and an unique plot “Assassin’s Tale” is a good choice. The film focuses on three assassins who struggle to cope with life, love and addiction as each tries to find the answers to a better life. But when they find themselves trapped in a deep web of greed and betrayal, individual loyalty becomes even more difficult to prove. Will they find a better life or get stuck into their usual assassin routine?

Check out Assassin’s Tale to find out!


Free Movies Similar to Assassin’s Tale

Cartel War

Cartel War
Hard realities intertwine when an elite division of L.A. undercover narcotics cops, Division 123, begins to peel away the layers of a powerful drug cartel to undermine their manipulative influence. A study in humanity: of the cops and the challenge they face to balance a commitment to those they love, against their commitment to task and ability to protec
Assassin’s Code
Assassin's Code To hide from his past sins as a government assassin, former agent Paul Thorn takes an anonymous identity. But Paul is forced back into the world of espionage when a former partner delivers blueprints for a lethal technological secret.

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