Free 70s-90s Movies To Watch Before The New Year!


As the New Year is approaching I know many people are wondering “Where did the time go”? Time is one of those things that doesn’t slow down for anyone, but it creates plenty memories of the past. With the stress of the holidays, a memory from a more relaxed time may be just what you need to to start off your New Year. OVGuide has got you covered, we created a list of movies from the 90s 80s and 70s that will definitely rekindle a few old memories.

So, this weekend wave goodbye to 2016 by celebrating with a few blasts from the past. We are taking you way back, back into time!
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90s Movies 

Dragon Fury
Dragon Fury
 With the forces of darkness at his side, Vestor has neutralized the only vaccine for the plague in order to extort the Third World countries afflicted.  Who will save the Third World?
All Saints Day
All Saint's Day Fed up with his domineering mother, his pitiful love life, his lack of money and his wickedly cruel boss, Marco recruits a group of like-minded, disgruntled misfits to help him rob the fish market where he works.
American Alien
American Alien Baron Dixon has been teased his whole life. He believes, with all his heart, that he really is an alien and that he will soon be leaving Planet Earth. His two best friends – a couple of doped-up, gun loving, outcast hillbillies-believe in Baron. His beautiful girlfriend wants to believe him, but Baron is just too crazy! Soon, they discover that even the impossible is possible and that aliens really do exist
Little Indiscretions
Little Indiscretions CJ is having a bad day. After flying all the way from New York to London to be with her rock star fiance, CJ ends up alone at Pub Underground. Johnny’s addiction to his adoring fans is stronger than his love for CJ. The bartender, in trying to teach her a lesson about love, tells a tale that has all the trappings of a romance novel. Is the story a message rather than a lesson?


80s Movies

Bail Out
Bail Out
LA bounty hunters White Bread, Bean, and Blue, are hired by their bail bondsman boss to look after a wealthy heiress who witnessed the murder of an ex-boyfriend. He was connected to a Colombian drug cartel who then abducts her and the three try to rescue her in time for her to testify against her boyfriend’s killers.
True Game of Death
The True Game of Death This movie creates a fictional story around Bruce Lee’s death. In it a villain known as “Big Boss” drugs Bruce Lee in order to destroy his production company and force him to work for him. But the drug accidentally kills Bruce and so a double is hired to pose as him. When Bruce’s girlfriend discovers the double, the real Bruce’s spirit takes him over to help him defeat the villain.
Five Corners
Five Corners A young psychotic man returns to neighborhood after release from prison. He seeks the young lady he previously tried to rape and the young man who protected her, with twisted ideas of love for her and hate for him.
Choices A hearing-impaired athlete suffers alienation when banned from the local football team. Demi Moore’s first film, in a supporting role.

70s Movies

Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Battle for the Planet of the Apes
After conquering the oppressive humans in “Conquest for the Planet of the Apes”, Caeser (Roddy McDowal) must now keep the peace amongst the humans and apes. Gorilla General Aldo (Claude Akins) views things differently, and tries to cause an ape civil war. In the meantime, other human survivors learn of the ape city, and decide they want to take back civilization for themselves, thus setting the stage of warring ape factions and humans.
Joshua Joshua returns from the Civil War to find his mother is dead, killed by thugs. He tracks them down to avenge her death.
Baker’s Hawk
Baker's Hawk A boy, his mother and his deputy-sheriff father help an old hermit fight vigilantes.
The Mind Snatchers
The Mind Snatchers Private James Reese, a misfit G.I. station in Western Europe, earned himself a trip to the stockade more than once thanks to his anger issues, and even his girlfriend wants him to seek psychiatric help. Unexpectedly, Reese is taken to a secluded country building, a hospital-like facility with few patients or staff members. Without explanation he’s sent to a room with Miles, a young American diagnosed with terminal cancer with spurts of aggressive behavior. Slowly Reese discovers the appalling truth involving medical experimentation with humans in brain control research.

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Happy Watching & Happy New Years!


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