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The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television today. Sheriff Deputy Rick grimes must fight to survive as he leads a small band of survivors through  world over-run with zombies. Created by Frank Darabont, the show stars Andrew LincolnJon Bernthal, and Sarah Wayne Callies and is in its seventh season. 

Beginning in October of 2010, the show has gained in popularity as one of the hottest apocalyptic series ever produced,  and airs on AMC each week.

The series is known for it’s unexpected plot twists, talented screenwriting, character development, and cliffhanger episode endings.

Walking Dead

Even those who are not fans of the zombie genre have found themselves hooked on the series simply because of the spectacular writing and directing.

You can watch the Walking Dead episodes by season on Amazon Instant Video or AMC.com, as well as download individual episodes or entire seasons on iTunes.

Binge watching previous episodes is a common occurrence for new watchers, so be prepared to lose oa chunk of time if you decide to start the series late.

The series is loosely based on a comic book series by Robert Kirkman, but deviates from the original storyline pretty quickly.

Recently, AMC released a prequel series to The Walking Dead titled Fear the Walking Dead. The new series follows one dysfunctional family during the launch of zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles. The prequel series follows the comic books of Kirkman loosely as well.

The Walking Dead Season One episodes are as follows:


S1E1: Days Gone Bye

S1E2: Guts

S1E3: Tell It to the Frogs

S1E4: Vatos

S1E5: Wildfire

S1E6: TS-19


The Walking Dead Season Two episodes are as follows:


S2E1: What Lies Ahead

S2E2: Bloodletting

S2E3: Save the Last One

S2E4: Cherokee Rose

S2E5: Chupacabra

S3E6: Secrets

S2E7: Pretty Much Dead Already

S2E8: Nebraska

S2E9: Triggerfinger

S2E10: 18 Miles Out

S2E11: Judge, Jury, Executioner

S2E12: Better Angels

S2E13: Beside the Dying Fire


The Walking Dead Season Three episodes are as follows:


S3E1: Seed

S3E2: Sick

S3E3: Walk with Me

S3E4: Killer Within

S3E5: Say the Word

S3E6: Hounded

S3E7: When the Dead Come Knocking

S3E8: Made to Suffer

S3E9: The Suicide King

S3E10: Home

S3E11: I Ain’t a Judas

S3E12: Clear

S3E13: Arrow on the Doorstep

S3E14: Prey

S3E15: The Sorrowful Life

S3E16: Welcome to the Tombs


The Walking Dead season four episodes are as follows:


S4E1: 30 Days Without an Accident

S4E2: Infected

S4E3: Isolation

S4E4: Indifference

S4E5: Internment

S4E6: Live Bait

S4E7: Dead Weight

S4E8: Too Far Gone

S4E9: After

S4E10: Inmates

S4E11: Claimed

S4E12: Still

S4E13: Alone

S4E14: The Grove

S4E15: Us

S4E16: A


The Walking Dead season five episodes are as follows:


S5E1: No Sanctuary

S5E2: Strangers

S5E3: Four Walls and a Roof

S5E4: Slabtown

S5E5: Selfhelp

S5E6: Consumed

S5E7: Crossed

S5E8: Coda

S5E9: What Happened and What’s Going On

S5E10: Them

S5E11: The Distance

S5E12: Remember

S5E13: Forget

S5E14: Spend

S5E15: Try

S5E16: Conquer


The Walking Dead season six episodes are as follows:


S6E1: First Time Again


S6E3: Thank You

S6E4: Here’s Not Here

S6E5: Now

S6E6: Always Accountable

S6E7: Heads Up

S6E8: Start to Finish

S6E9: No Way Out










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