Everything We Know About Game Of Thrones Season 7 So Far

With the ending of HBO’s WestWorld at the beginning of December, it is now time to look ahead to our all time favorite HBO show — Game Of Thrones. Firstly, onto the biggest news about season 7.¬†Last year Game of Thrones aired at the end of April, but this year the series will have a much later air date. The reasoning behind this is so the cast can shoot the season in far bleaker and snowier weather. After all winter is coming, or better yet winter is here. Although we know that the season will be starting later than normal, there is still no official season 7 premiere date.

Secondly, season 7 is also going to be a much shorter season than what we are used to from the series. Rather than there being 10 episodes, there will only be a mere 7 episodes for all of you die-hard, addicted fans out there.¬†Iain Glen, the actor who plays Jorah Mormont, spoke about it a little more with Radiotimes, “They are taking the length of time it takes to shoot ten episodes to shoot just seven this year and six next year. There are fifteen more hours left in Thrones as we understand it, but that may change, but that’s as far as we know”.

While we are heartbroken not to get a full 10 hours of packed GOT action, we’ve gotta hand it to them for sticking to the standards set by the show in the beginning — way back in 2011. The reasoning behind showing only 7 episodes it to take the time to make the final product just as, if not more impressive than the series has always been regarded. Glen commented that the series is only getting “more extraordinary” and elaborated saying “I think the scale and size of the set pieces, the world that is being created its just getting more and more extraordinary and they feel they need that time to shoot seven hours as opposed to ten”.

Given all of this news, we can’t wait to see the new season come out. Our fingers are crossed for many more drinks with Tyrion, and as many dragon scenes as they can fit in!

Lastly, enjoy this teaser trailer below of the upcoming season!


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