Disney Catches the Progressive, Empowering Wave with Moana

This weekend Disney’s newly animated film, Moana, made its way to theaters and then proudly toped the Thanksgiving box offices with $26.5M USD. The only film that still stands in its way is Disney’s, Frozen.


Many viewers were excited about the movie for numerous reasons, one being the massive amount of Pacific Island culture that Disney was feeding to their audience.  Another reason to be ecstatic?  Moana is a strong, ambitious, heroine and that makes many people very thrilled. Audience members were particularly elated to see a female role with such strong characteristics that carried an empowering disposition meant to inspire all. In addition to her authentically well-developed character, Moana also relates to many as she has a realistic, identifiable figure. Naturally, Moana is beautiful without being stick thin, proving that there is more to life than conforming to a culturally desired physique. Lastly, it was intriguingly progressive, and refreshing, of Disney to create an adventure that focused on the trials and tribulations of a young female that didn’t end up in a romantic story. High five, Disney!



If those qualities alone don’t sway you to see Moana, maybe these will.  Moana has many elements that relate back to some of Disney’s oldest, classic movies such as, adventure, thrill, and numerous upon numerous catchy tunes. The movie imitates familiar story lines of that from Mulan and Pocahontas, as it focuses on the old teachings and traditions that her Polynesian tribe has relied on for so many years. And above all else, how does Disney seal a victory for the box office? Think about the name Lin-Maunel Miranda, sound familiar? Well it should, because Miranda is currently the hottest name on Broadway as he is the composer of the hit show, Hamilton.  How’s that for a genius sound track? What’s even better, you get the opportunity to hear The Rock sing, something nobody wants to miss out on.  We’re writing this in as a one for the books. Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think!


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