Celebrate Friendsgiving with Free Movies!

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It’s not quite Thanksgiving yet, so that means that any day in Novemeber leading up to the official holiday can become Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is the celebration of Thanksgiving dinner with your friends, that is not actually on Thanksgiving. The difference is Friendsgiving is like a pot luck, where all of your friends can bring any food, even non-Thanksgiving foods. We are talking nachos, stuffing, pizza, macaroni and cheese, turkey, hot wings and even popsicles all on the same menu! If you want to start your own Friendsgiving tradition get together with your closest friends, eat, drink and watch light hearted and fun movies! We have a list of movies that you can watch while celebrating Friendsgiving with your closest pals!

Free Movies To Watch For Friendsgiving

Are You Joking?
Are You Joking? Poster
Twenty-something New Yorker Barb Schwartz somehow ended up in a life that kinda… sucks. When she is reunited with her childhood BFF, ballet dancer Billy, she is inspired to turn her life around by revisiting her first love: comedy.

Back in the Day
Back in the Day Unsatisfied with his career as the face of a national ad campaign, Jim Owens heads home to Indiana for his high school reunion. Determined to relive the old days, Jim tries to rally his friends for some wild parties and drunken hijinks, but in the process finds himself falling for the girl who got away.

The Trouble with Bliss 
The Trouble with Bliss Morris Bliss is caught in the grips of a mid-life crisis that leaves him unemployed, sharing an apartment with his widowed father, and juggling a bizarre relationship with the 18-year old daughter of a former classmate and the romantic advances of his mysterious next door neighbor.
Among Ravens
Among Ravens Poster

Lindsay, a beautiful woman in New York City, seemingly has it all but is deeply afraid of commitment. When she finds out that her therapist takes a vacation for the entire month of August she feels abandoned. She takes the help of her best friend Monica to come up with a solution

Dorfman A young woman (Sara Rue) gets an opportunity to transform her messy life when she volunteers to cat-sit at an unrequited love’s downtown Los Angeles loft.
Fish Without A Bicycle

Fish Without a Bicycle
Julianna is a struggling actress in a dead end relationship with Danny, a fireman who no longer lights her fire. When she decides to leave him and go “find herself” she ends up falling in love with an egotistical director, Michael, who can barely fit her in between Pilates classes.

The Best and the Brightest
The Best and the Brightest
The Best and the Brightest follows a fresh-faced couple, Jeff  and Samantha, and the lengths they must go to in order to get their daughter into a New York City private kindergarten.
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays Three childhood friends unexpectedly reunite in their Connecticut hometown right before Christmas in a story about growing up, growing apart, and eventually finding common ground.

Forget About It
Forget About It

Welcome to Sunrise Village, a little piece of trailer park heaven where retired war vets Sam, Carl and Eddie are enjoying their golden Years while vying for the affection of their sexy neighbor. When they stumble upon a stash of mob money, they find themselves on the run from the Mafia and the Feds in this hilarious farce about the myth that age brings wisdom.

Drama Queen
Drama Queens When his girlfriend he’s about to move in with is caught cheating, sensitive and unlucky in love Dean finds himself about to be homeless. When he meets the “doll” of his dreams, Angela, and decides to share a house with her and her two female roommates, Dean is put to his wits end by the new domesticity surrounded by females. Spurred on by the inebriated support of his pals, self proclaimed lady killers



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