Bill Nye The Science Guy & Tyler The Creator Team Up!


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Yes, you read that correctly! An unlikely pair plans to take the science world by storm through the power of music. Rapper, Tyler, The Creator is behind the theme song of Bill Nye The Science Guy’s new Netflix Show. Before Netflix, Bill Nye The Science Guy was an half-hour live action science program that aired from 1993-1998. The show was a success airing a total of 100 episodes by way of showing a playful side of science and featuring current celebrities.

Netflix’s Bill Nye Saves The World will feature current issues such as artificial intelligence, alternative medicine and climate change. Nye will confront these issues from a scientific point of view alongside special guests. The first season is set to debut April 21 on Netflix. If you were a fan of exciting science then, the new Bill Nye should be just as or even more exciting!

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The original theme song and Tyler’s recreation are both brief and fast paced. Check out the new theme song and trailer below.



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