Beginner’s Guide to the Super Bowl 2017

This Sunday is the infamous, Super Bowl Sunday. This means, that for all of you anti-football fans out there, you’re going to need to drink heavily, enjoy the commercials, half-time show and/or the Puppy Bowl. So, we’ve compiled a list of facts you need to be aware of to not be a total amateur at the party!

This is the 51st Super Bowl and will feature the Atlanta Falcons vs. The New England Patriots             imgres
Atlanta Falcons

Head Coach: Dan Quinn

KILLER offense. Some consider it the best, most dangerous & versatile, offense in the NFL. I say versatile because the Falcons have been masters at setting up a formation, and having the ability to attack with either a run or a pass within the formation.

Rapidly improving and very impressive defense. — this defensive line is also extremely young. The team started four, count em, four rookies this year and four (counting Brian Poole) second years. This heavily had to do with their slow start to the season. But the defense has only improved as the season went forward. Keep an eye on this! Seasoned watchers are thinking this might allow the Falcons to start a nice winning run, past this the current Super Bowl.

Matt Ryan ratings by downs: 

1st – 116.5
2nd – 124.2
3rd – 110.8

Names to be aware of: Matt Ryan (QB), Julio Jones

New England Patriots

Head Coach: Bill Belichick

KILLER Defense. Although the Falcons have a highly versatile & lethal offense, the Patriots have the perfect defense to SHUT. THEM. DOWN.  How can I say that? Well the Patriots surrendered the fewest points in the NFL this year. Experts are thinking that they might be able to match the versatility displayed by the Falcons.

A lot of people are overlooking the New England Patriots offense in comparison to the Falcon’s offense. Led by Tom Brady in combination with head coach Belichick, the duo are expected to bring BIG things this weekend. Many are talking about their uncanny ability to rally the team and get them pumped. Belichick, a 68 years old and was “coaxed out of retirement” to lead this team. He does a great job at supporting the team and bringing them together to enhance their camaraderie, a big tool that helps the Patriots pull out some big wins.

Tom Brady ratings by downs: 

1st – 108.4
2nd – 100.4
3rd – 122.0

Names to be aware of: Tom Brady (QB), Julian Edelmen

In Game Stats to Be Aware of Before You Place Your Bet:
  • 3rd down conversion percentage: The Patriots rank 4th (46%), Atlanta 11th (42%).
  • Time of possession: The Patriots rank 6th, Atlanta 19th.
  • Sacks allowed: The Patriots rank 5th (24 allowed), Atlanta ranks 12th (37 allowed).
  • QB hits allowed: The Patriots rank 10 (73 allowed), Atlanta ranks 27th (106 allowed).

Redzone scoring percentage: 

Patriots’ offense redzone scoring percentage: 63.7% (9th)
Falcons’ offense redzone scoring percentage: 63.1% (10th)

Patriots’ defense redzone scoring percentage: 50.0% (7th)
Falcons’ defense redzone scoring percentage: 72.1% (32nd)

Half-Time Show

Think big, outrageous, stylish & everything else we’ve come to expect from Lady GaGa. Sneak peeks have been leaked all week of her prepping for the show, similarly to the way both teams are prepping! Billboard shows the social media posts of her training and prepping for the show. One of the teasers has the Mother Monster riding a white horse, meaning we might see her riding during the half time show.

Congrats! Your Super Bowl LI crash course is complete!


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